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Character Profile: Kansuke

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kansuke Kansuke Kansuke (InuYasha)
Mad Killer Kansuke  
Human Human
Male Male
69 years old 69 years old
White White
Deceased Deceased
"Burn in Hell, Onigumo"  
John Payne Akio Nojima
Episode 87: Kikyo's Lonely Journey Episode 87: Kikyo's Lonely Journey
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Kansuke

Kansuke, in life, was a bandit. He never regretted what he did, and was with a man with a spider-shaped scar on his back named Onigumo. Kansuke goes alone to try to get the jewel so he can wish for all the rice wine. He tries to kill Kikyo with an arrow, but he was stopped by a man with dog ears. He tries to use his sword, but the man's kimono brakes the blade, and it cuts one eye. When he gets back to camp where his men were, they were gone.

When he finds Onigumo, he is carrying a torch, and explosives. As the building burns, Kansuke says, "Burn! Burn! Burn him to hell!" Unfortunately, Onigumo survives, and gets thrown into an abyss.

Fifty years later, he takes a shard of the sacred jewel from a dying demon. He starts looking for a place where his soul can be saved. He runs into a priestess, and he tries to steal from her. Kansuke asks her if she survives on mist, and she replies, "Yes. In a matter of speaking." He tells the priestess his story of what happened fifty years ago. Demons have been after him, and he gets saved by a priestess. He requested that she take a lock of his hair and bury it. He asks for her name. She replies," Its Kikyo."

His lasts words were "a bad joke for a dying man."

Editor's Note: I am aware that this profile might seem a bit confusing to those not already intimately familiar with the InuYasha anime, as it seems to be lacking some key details, so if you could fix up this profile, please feel free to and then send it to me. Thanks!

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