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Character Profile: Mukotsu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mukotsu Mukotsu(霧骨) Mukotsu (InuYasha)
The Poison Master Dokuyaku Shuujuku
Human Human
Male Male
About 60-70 years old About 60-70 years old
None None
Black Black
About 3' About 91 cm
Poison-User of the Shichinintai Poison-User of the Shichinintai
Trevor Devall Tetsu Inada
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Mukotsu

Mukotsu is the stocky poison user of the Shichinintai.

Mukotsu is a small, perverted and repulsive member of the Band of Seven and the only one who takes an interest in girls, especially Kagome. During the first fight between InuYasha and Jakotsu he greets everyone with a friendly blast of flesh-eating gas which burns InuYasha's foot.

Later Jakotsu kicks him in the back of his head while making more poison, chuckling to himself, "he he he, just the way mother makes it". He then learns of Kagome.

Kagome and Shippo go to a nearby village for some water at a well, but something's wrong, all the people in the village are dead, and there's a thick fog surrounding the area. Mukotsu makes his debut and creates a paralyzing poison which makes Kagome semi-conscious, then blasts Shippo with some black smoke choking him after Shippo uses his Fox Magic Spinning Top on his head. Shippo runs away and goes after InuYasha to save Kagome. Mukotsu even holds off Sango and Miroku and runs away chuckling like a little boy with his prize.

He creates a poison barrier around a hut where he drapes Kagome in cloth and begins dancing around the hut pretending like it his wedding. He was about to give Kagome some sake when Sango, Kirara, and Miroku comes bursting down the roof. He chuckles and sprays them with a poison that goes into the eyes and skin, so Sango's Gas Mask won't help. Trying to save her friends, Kagome weakly takes some pincers and tries to pull out the Shikon Shard in Mukotsu's neck. Feeling betrayed, he begins the waterworks and tries to kill her. But then a sharp pain hits his shoulder, behind him is... Sesshomaru!

Mukotsu runs out unharmed by Sesshomaru's Poison Claw and uses 2 types of poison on him... result: didn't move a muscle. He then crouches down shaking like a leaf as Sesshomaru comes towards him. Scared, he prepares his most powerful poison ever. Even though the poison could kill even a taiyokai... result: Sesshomaru's eye twitches in annoyance. Having had enough with Mukotsu, Sesshomaru slices Mukotsu in half with the Toukijin ending Mukotsu's life of low self-esteem. Then a sainyosho wasp picks up his shard and delivers it to Bankotsu.

Mukotsu means "fog skill" or "fog bone".

Character Description: Mukotsu

While InuYasha is fighting Jakotsu, Mukotsu appears on a cliff and releases a poisonous smoke that burns InuYasha's foot, then Jakotsu, InuYasha, and the others flee. When Kagome gets some water from a well, Mukotsu suddenly poison's Kagome and escapes with her from Miroku and Sango. He then runs into a hut.

Draping her with cloth, Mukotsu pretends that they're getting married and dances with her limp body for a bit, then Kagome sees a shard of the Shikon Jewel in his throat. Sango, Kirara and Miroku come crashing down in the roof, but Mukotsu spays more poison at them. Then Kagome stabs Mukotsu's throat with pincers from the fireplace. Because of her betrayal, he punches her in the face and chokes her. But then Sesshomaru bursts in, Mukotsu spays poison at him but Sesshomaru is unaffected. Then Sesshomaru kills Mukotsu with his poisonous claws. It's ironic that the attacks that he was using against Sesshomaru and the others would be his downfall.

Mukotsu is part of the Shichinintai, and of course, a poison user. He's short and stubby who wears white cloth all over him and carries containers of poison on his back.

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