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Character Profile: Mushin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mushin Mushin Mushin (InuYasha)
Male Male
About 60-70 years old About 60-70 years old
Bald Bald
White White
About 5'5" About 165 cm
Fat Fat
Monk Monk
"I would like some sake"  
Alec Willows  
Episode 28: Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap Episode 28: Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Mushin

Mushin is a monk, and he is older than Miroku. He raised Miroku to be a monk since his father's wind tunnel swallowed him. Mushin is first introduced in Episode 28: Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap. Mushin is drunk, and gets controlled by a demon worm charmer.

Later in the series, Hachi thought that Mushin was going to die, and Miroku thought of being with him until he dies. The whole group helped even though later in the episode they find that Mushin wasn't going to die, but choked on a fish bone.

Character Description: Mushin

Mushin is Miroku's mentor and guardian. As Miroku's father died, Mushin was in charge on taking care of Miroku. He is able to mend Miroku's Wind Tunnel when something happens to it. Mushin is also a drunkard, but he's still loving and knowledgeable. Every time Miroku is able to pay him a visit, he finds Mushin passed out from his drinking, and he lectures him. That, or he immediately takes a look at Miroku's Wind Tunnel and tells him that he's going to live for the rest of the day. But that was just a joke.

The first time we meet Mushin is when Miroku's Wind Tunnel has been cut by a giant mantis. When Miroku comes to get it looked at, Mushin says he can fix it. While he is preparing, a worm charmer possesses him with worm youkai and tries to kill Miroku.

While Mushin got distracted while Miroku was using his injured hand, InuYasha was able to knock him out, and was able to kill the demons that was trying to kill them all in a single swing. Sango killed the worm charmer, and the demon worms left Mushin's body.

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