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Character Profile: Myoga

USA Info
Japanese Info
Myoga Myouga(冥加) Myoga (InuYasha)
Flea demon Flea demon
Male Male
White White
Black Black
About 0.4" About 1 cm
InuYasha's servant InuYasha's servant
"Tis the life of a flee."  
Paul Dobson Kenichi Ogata
InuYasha InuYasha
· · ·
Inuyasha the Movie Inuyasha: Toki wo Koeru Omoi

Character Description: Myoga

Myoga the flea demon, was once the retainer to InuYasha and Sessho-maru's father, a canine god. After the death of their father, Myoga was told to guard the Tetsusaiga, a powerful sword that belonged to the god.

When Sessho-maru began searching for it, Myoga went in search of InuYasha to ensure it did not fall into the wrong hands. After saving the sword, Myoga stuck around and has continued to travel with InuYasha and serve him faithfully.

Unlike Sessho-maru's servant, Jaken, Myoga rarely gets involved in any sort of physical battles. He often gets crushed by someone assuming he is a regular bug. One of the few abilities he has ever shown, is when he saved InuYasha's life by sucking a Spider Head's venom from his system.

Myoga also is shown to have a great knowledge of other types of youkai. He is often able to identify an unknown demon and provide some background information on them to his companions.

I'm told Myouga's name means "Divine Protection" in Japanese.

Character Description: Myoga

Myouga, the flea demon was the former guardian of InuYasha and Sesshoumaru's father's grave site (though he had no idea where it was!), but now is InuYasha's servant. Myouga is more of an annoyance than anything, but his advice and knowledge are quite useful. When it comes to battle or even the tiniest threat of danger, Myouga is the first and quickest to leave.

Being a flea, Myouga enjoys sucking the blood out of peoples veins though he gets slapped around alot for it he keeps on sucking! Yet Myouga's only useful ability other than giving advice is to suck the poison from people's veins, which comes in handy every time Miroku takes in Naraku's poison insects. Myouga used to live upon InuYasha's nose, but InuYasha would flick him off every time he took a drink or was saying un-useful info. Ever since Sango and Kilala joined the team, Myouga has decided to live in Kilala's fur (still, he does sometimes get kicked off for taking to long of a drink, but it sure beats InuYasha's nose)!

This little flea hopes in and out of the series. Myouga's first appearance is in episode 5.

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