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Character Profile: Renkotsu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Renkotsu Renkotsu Renkotsu (InuYasha)
Human Human
Male Male
24 years old(source: Japan InuYasha book by Rumiko Takahashi) 24 years old(source: Japan InuYasha book by Rumiko Takahashi)
None None
Brown Brown
6'0" 183 cm
Fire user of the Shichinintai Fire user of the Shichinintai
Brian Drummond Sugita Tomokazu
InuYasha InuYasha

Character Description: Renkotsu

Renkotsu is the fiery second-in-command of the Shichinintai.

He first appears in the series killing monks in a nearby temple. Then, using the head-monk's robes, he tricks InuYasha into believing he's a monk. Being the smartest in the group, he knows of InuYasha's sensitive nose, so he wears the robes with human smell on them to hide his graveyard soil smell. He burns the temple with Kagome, Sango, and Miroku inside. Then he unleashes flaming wires at InuYasha while Ginkotsu has his chain axe wrapped around InuYasha. InuYasha barely escapes. Renkotsu fled the temple with Kagome's shards.

Later Renkotsu rebuilds Ginkotsu into a tank. He hides extremely powerful weapons in his interior which Ginkotsu uses against Koga. He uses his skill of having plans within plans within plans within plans, etc. to spring Suikotsu's evil side loose, plus he gave Suikotsu his claws.

Later he fights Koga in the castle where the shogun decapitated the Shichinintai. But because of the Saimyosho telling Bankotsu something they had to retreat. They move to Mt. Hakurei where Kanna reveals Renkotsu has shards. Bankotsu orders Renkotsu to hand them over.

After Ginkotsu's death, Renkotsu makes a canon, his red armor is changed to black and gold and his blue cloths where changed into a real dark pine-green.

He keeps Ginkotsu's shard for himself. He manipulates Jakotsu into fighting InuYasha and when Jakotsu was brutally injured by his crush Renkotsu quickly takes Jakotsu's shard. He thinks can defeat Bankotsu using his 3 shards but is killed by Bankotsu by his betrayal.

Renkotsu's named means "refined metal bone".

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