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Character Profile: Rin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rin Rin Rin (InuYasha)
Human Human
Female Female
8 years old 8 years old
Black Black
Brown Brown
"Lord Sesshomaru!"  
· · ·
"Sesshomaru, come back for me!"  
Brenna O'Brien Mamiko Noto
InuYasha InuYasha
· · ·
Inuyasha the Movie Inuyasha: Toki wo Koeru Omoi
· · ·
Inuyasha: The Final Act Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen

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Character Description: Rin

Rin is the adorably cute little girl that travels with Sesshomaru. When Sesshomaru was wounded by fighting with InuYasha, Rin took care of him and nursed him back to health. She was killed by a pack of Kouga's wolves, but Sesshomaru used his Tenseiga, and she was revived. Since then, she is almost always in Sesshomaru's company unless he tells her not to come because of the danger.

She is almost a stereotypical child, but she did not talk when we first met her. It wasn't until she traveled with Sesshomaru that her perkiness returned.

She is devoted to Sesshomaru, and he truly cares for her by protecting her and keeping her with him. She and Jaken get along, like an annoyed big brother/innocent little sister relationship.

Character Description: Rin

When Rin first showed up in episode 35 she found Sesshoumaru after is battle with Totosai and InuYasha. She took care of him and nursed him back to health without even talking to him. It was later found out she was an orphan and lived on a river bank. Her village was then attacked by Koga's wolves killing everyone, including Rin.

Sesshoumaru found her lying dead on a path and revived with Tenssiega. He has kept her by his side every since.

Rin was as at one point kidnapped by Naraku so Sesshoumaru who'd be lured into a trap. Which failed.

Sesshoumaru has proven on a number of times to be extremely and sometimes dangerously protective of Rin, which he keeps secret by coming up with excuses to why he protects her.

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