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Japanese Info
Muteki Kanban MusumeMuteki Kanban MusumeMuteki Kanban Musume
· · ·
Invincible Poster Girl (unofficial title)Muteki Kanban Musume
· · ·
Noodle Fighter Miki (unofficial title)
12 TV Episodes (total)
Telecom Animation
Sadogawa Jun
Nobuo Tomizawa
Action, ComedyAction, Comedy
Megumi KannazukiMegumi Kannazuki
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Characters: Muteki Kanban Musume

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Megumi Kannazuki Megumi Kannazuki Kankuro Nishiyama βŠ• Kankuro Nishiyama βŠ•
Miki Onimaru Miki Onimaru Makiko Onimaru βŠ• Makiko Onimaru βŠ•
Akihiko Ohta βŠ• Akihiko Ohta βŠ• Tomoka Kayahara βŠ• Tomoka Kayahara βŠ•
Hell's Bunny βŠ• Hell's Bunny βŠ• Toshiyuki βŠ• Toshiyuki βŠ•

Description: Muteki Kanban Musume

Muteki Kanban Musume, or "The Invincible Poster Girl", is about precisely that... an invincible poster girl! Meet Miki Onimaru, a young adult who works at a Chinese restaurant with her mom selling ramen and the like. Miki is supposed to be the poster girl of the restaurant, but she spends most of her time goofing off and fighting! Seriously! She spends like half the series acting out violently.

Mainly, her acts of violence are directed to her lifelong rival, Megumi Kannazuki. Miki is inhumanly strong; she can never be beaten by ANYONE.. except her own mother, Makiko Onimaru! So in this wild-and-crazy slapstick comedy anime, you get to watch as Miki ruins deliveries, makes new friends and dominates every opponent imaginable in Muteki Kanban Musume!

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