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Anime Profile: The Invisible Stud

USA Info
Japanese Info
The Invisible StudThe Invisible StudThe Invisible Stud
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
March 25, 20082007
Critical MassMilky Animation Label
Ryuuichi Nozaki
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"Ugly" girl βŠ• "Ugly" girl βŠ•
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Disappearing gentleman βŠ• Disappearing gentleman βŠ•
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Fujisawa βŠ• Fujisawa βŠ•
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Mie βŠ• Mie βŠ•
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Otonashi βŠ• Otonashi βŠ•
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Suzu βŠ• Suzu βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Description: The Invisible Stud

Mie has problems. He works in a convenience store alongside two beautiful women, Fujisawa and Otonashi, yet Fujisawa hates him and he is too shy to ask Otonashi out on a date. The green-haired Otonashi is also a shy one, making any potential relationship seemed doomed from the get-go, and Fujisawa seems to be in a permanent bad mood. But one day after work something happens that makes him forget all his woes... he bumps into a gentleman who drops a bottle of pills with a label that reads "Disappearing Tablets". Before Mie can hand them back to the guy, he begins to sparkle and then vanishes into thin air!

As Mie stands in a daze trying to figure out exactly what happened, two school girls in traditional school uniforms with pleated short skits walk by, and whisper something unflattering about him as they pass. So Mie decides what the heck, and pops a pill. To test it out, he positions himself in the path of one of the girls, and when she unexpectedly bumps right into him, he knows he has something extremely amazing cooped up in a bottle. After lifting a few skirts to see their pretty panties, Mie decides to take it to the next level... and visits a bath house.

The Invisible Stud Amazingly enough, Mie seems content to remain just a voyeur in this land of beautiful naked female flesh. When the time to interact does arrive, it does so to no fault of Mie... he's just relaxing in one of the baths when one of the girls just happens to come over and sit down right on top of him. Now, I have no idea why she didn't freak at this, I mean even if he is invisible, he would still displace the water so that would look kinda weird. And even if it was too steamy to notice this, surly she would notice when sitting that her seat felt like human flesh rather than hard bath tile.

The Invisible Stud Next he has the bright idea to check out the Hanazono All-Female Academy. After a few pantie peaks while the girls hang around the classroom, he follows the lovely ladies into the locker room where he watches the do their thing. Once again Mie seems content with simply spectating. Unfortunately, one of the girls, Suzu, was late arriving, and thus is just getting started to change when all the rest are leaving... meaning Mie will have one all alone. As the rest of the girls head out, one jokingly warns Suzu that there is a ghost which attacks girls who are all alone. Immediately a light bulb goes off over Mie's head, and he decides to use this to his advantage, throwing the though of pure spectating out the window.... and I'm certain you can figure out what happens next!

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