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Anime Profile: Iria: Zeiram the Animation

USA Info
Japanese Info
Iria: Zeiram the AnimationIria: Zeiram the Animation (イ・リ・ア ゼイラム ジ アニメーション)Iria: Zeiram the Animation
6 OVA episodes
1996June 23, 1994
US Manga Corps, Anime Works (2004 remastered version)Ashi Prod., Crowd, Studio Hard, Victor Ent.
Keita Amemiya
Tetsuro Amino
Action, Sci-FiAction, Sci-Fi
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Characters: Iria: Zeiram the Animation

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bob Bob Iria Iria
Fujikuro Fujikuro Kei Kei
Gren Gren Zeiram Zeiram

Description: Iria: Zeiram the Animation

The starship Karma has been hijacked, and it's up to bounty hunter Gren and his boss, Bob, to rescue the ship and it mysterious cargo (and the vice-president of the Tendan Tippedai Corporation while they're at it). Of course Gren's little sister and apprentice bounty hunter Iria decides to help out as well. On board they find the ship empty except for a few crewmen and the vice-president, plus a bunch of dead bodies strewn across the hallways (if I remember correctly). They also find the Tendan Tippedai Corporation's mysterious cargo, an unkillable monster know as Zeiram. A battle ensues with Gren while Iria and the others make their dash to the shuttle. Gren was able to hold it back long enough for everyone to escape (barely), but he himself remained on the Karma to destruct it, hoping it will take out Zeiram in the process.

Iria lands on a planet where she inadvertently picks up a tag-a-long little street-kid named Kei. She also discovers that a not very happy Zeiram just happened to land on the same planet. Battle ensues, and with a little help from Kei she manages to get Zeiram into one of the operation transporter pods and beam the creature away. All the while Iria gets subtle hints that Gren is still alive, which leaves her more confused than before.

Back on her home world, Iria becomes a full-fledged bounty hunter, and teams up with Fujisawa (and Kei) to again fight Zeiram. Well, it proves to be more difficult than anyone expected. And by the way, this anime is based on a live action movie called Zeiram.

Iria: Zeiram the Animation

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