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Anime Profile: Jewel BEM Hunter Lime

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jewel BEM Hunter LimeHoma Hunter LimeJewel BEM Hunter Lime
3 OVA episodes3 OVA episodes
Media BlastersSMK
Kenichiro Nakamura
Naoyoshi Kusaka, Atsuko Nakajima
Adventure, Comedy, EcchiAdventure, Comedy, Ecchi
Baas Baas
· · ·
Lime Lime

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Description: Jewel BEM Hunter Lime

There exists a gate between the world of magic and the world of humans. An evil magician has stolen six magical gems and traveled through this gate to the world of humans.

When the magical law enforcement people catch up to the thief, he is flying and gets hit. As he falls, he drops the gems and they fall with him to the ground. Unfortunately, the gems are powerful, but absorb their surroundings; since the human world is filled with hate and greed, the gems slowly turn into monsters.

Can Lime and Baas stop them before it's too late? Baas being a pervert doesn't help matters any....

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