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Character Profile: Hex

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hex Hekkusu(ヘックス) Hex (Jormungand)
Human Human
Female Female
Early 30's Early 30's
Light brown Light brown
Brown Brown
C.I.A. paramilitary operations officer, former U.S. Army officer C.I.A. paramilitary operations officer, former U.S. Army officer
Jamie Marchi Aya Hisakawa(久川 綾)
Episode 13, "The Snake That Admires the Heavens" Episode 13, "The Snake That Admires the Heavens"
Jormungand Jormungand

Character Description: Hex

A West Point graduate, the woman known as Hex (derived from the German 'Hexe', for 'witch') was once a member of the 3rd Special Operations Group, Wide Range Communications Group, a U.S. Army experimental unit of all-female Special Forces soldiers. Because of politics, the group was disbanded, the members were bought-off for their silence – all except Hex, who resigned from the Army and was recruited by George Black, a.k.a. Bookman, for the Central Intelligence Agency. She was stationed in Afghanistan when she discovered that her fiancée was killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center as a result of the 9/11 attacks. Since then, she has worked in Bookman's 'Operation Undershaft' – the same unit R works in.

A fanatical patriot, Hex sees Koko as the worst terrorist in history, and has used all the resources at her disposal to kill her. She had participated in a night operation against her group – one that led to Echo's death. Since then, she had enlisted various groups of assassins to try to kill Koko, but with no success.

The unusual latitude of action Hex enjoys allows her to operate a secret group of paramilitaries known as 'Cutthroat', the sole purpose being Koko's death, contrary to Bookman's orders. She also operates a 'black site' somewhere in eastern Europe, where she extracts information from suspected terrorists, using methods in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention of 1949. Hex has been known to personally execute uncooperative prisoners personally.

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