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Character Profile: Lehm Brick

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lehm Brick Remu Burikku(レーム ブリック) Lehm Brick (Jormungand)
Human Human
Male Male
Late 50's Late 50's
Light blonde Light blonde
Blue Blue
Bodyguard of Koko Hekmatyar, former Delta Force member Bodyguard of Koko Hekmatyar, former Delta Force member
Christopher Smith Unsho Ishizuka(石塚 運昇)
Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road" Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road"
Jormungand Jormungand

Character Description: Lehm Brick

As one of the three oldest of Koko's bodyguards, the others being Wiley and Valmet, Lehm Brick is the one with the greatest of combat experience. Once a member of the United States' top-secret Delta Force, he met Wiley during 'Operation Desert Storm', on a mission to destroy an Iraqi chemical weapons plant. The group had to protect Wiley as he utilized his architectural and engineering knowledge to blow the plant up with the bare minimum of explosives they had. The mission was a success, which afterwards he wrote-up a commendation for Wiley. Later, during 'Operation Restore Hope', Lehm had the misfortune of seeing a Somali child soldier destroy an armored fighting vehicle carrying 30 men with an anti-tank mine. Lehm was later promoted to major, after which he retired from both Delta Force and the United States Army and went to work for HCLI, and Koko.

A skilled sniper, Lehm often teams with Lutz as a secondary on sniping missions, often using a Remington Model 700 PSS. He is also the only member of Koko's group to use a silencer regularly. Prior to the group's utilization of standard weapons following R's death, he preferred using a CAR-15 and an H&K Mk 23. He was also married and divorced to the bodyguard of Koko's brother Kaspar, Chiquita – several times!

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