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Character Profile: Minami Amada

USA Info
Japanese Info
Minami Amada Minami Amada(天田 南) Minami Amada (Jormungand)
Dr. Miami  
Human Human
Female Female
Late 30's Late 30's
Light brown Light brown
Brown Brown
Robotics expert, amateur lepidopterist Robotics expert, amateur lepidopterist
Gwendolyn Lao Megumi Toyoguchi(豊口 めぐみ)
Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road" Episode 1, "Gun Metal, Calico Road"
Jormungand Jormungand

Character Description: Minami Amada

Possibly the only best friend Koko has Minami Amada, or Dr. Miami as she's commonly known, is a robotics expert that works at the Marchen Toy Company based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In the world of robotics, she is absolutely brilliant, but mostly prefers to use her skill to make toys. However, she IS working with Koko on the secret Project Jormungand – which also has her under the watch of the C.I.A.. Because of all the attention placed on her by both with Koko and the C.I.A., Dr. Miami is under the constant watch of bodyguards Mokoena, Malin, and more recently Karen Low, which happened when Low's original superior Chen Guoming was killed by Valmet.

But even with these three watching her, Dr. Miami's various habits keep them extremely busy. Dr. Miami is also an amateur lepidopterist... someone interested in the study of butterflies, and would often disappear for days on end whenever a particular species is found and has been known to fall off small cliffs because of her inattention to her surroundings. She also likes fishing and finding rare seashells – and has also expressed an interest in large breasts, much like Valmet's. Dr. Miami is also a heavy smoker, preferring Indonesian clove cigarettes, which she lights using a jet lighter.

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