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K Project (alternate title)
13 TV episodes13 TV episodes
February 25, 2014October 3, 2012โ€“December 28, 2012
VizKodansha, GoHands Studios, Star Child Records, The Klock Worx, K Project, Mainchi Broadcasting System
Yui Kuroe (้ป’ๆฆฎ ใ‚†ใ„)
Shingo Suzuki (้ˆดๆœจ ไฟกๅพ)
Drama, Ecchi, Sci-FiDrama, Ecchi, Sci-Fi
Anna Kushina โŠ• Anna Kushina โŠ•
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Chiho Hyuuga โŠ• Chiho Hyuuga โŠ•
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Colorless King โŠ•
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Daikaku Kokujoji โŠ• Daikaku Kokujoji โŠ•
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Characters: K

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna Kushina โŠ• Anna Kushina โŠ• Neko โŠ• Neko โŠ•
Chiho Hyuuga โŠ• Chiho Hyuuga โŠ• Reisi Munakata โŠ• Reisi Munakata โŠ•
Colorless King โŠ• --?-- Rikio Kamamoto โŠ• Rikio Kamamoto โŠ•
Daikaku Kokujoji โŠ• Daikaku Kokujoji โŠ• Ryuho Camo โŠ• Ryuho Camo โŠ•
Eric Surt โŠ• --?-- Saburouta Bandou โŠ• Saburouta Bandou โŠ•
Ichigen Miwa โŠ• Ichigen Miwa โŠ• Sakura Asama โŠ• Sakura Asama โŠ•
Izumo Kusanagi โŠ• Izumo Kusanagi โŠ• Seri Awashima โŠ• Seri Awashima โŠ•
Kousuki Fujishima โŠ• Kousuki Fujishima โŠ• Shouhei Akagi โŠ• Shouhei Akagi โŠ•
Kukuri Yukizome โŠ• Kukuri Yukizome โŠ• Souta Mishina โŠ• Souta Mishina โŠ•
Kuroh Yatogami โŠ• Kuroh Yatogami โŠ• Sumika Inaba โŠ• Sumika Inaba โŠ•
Masaomi Dewa โŠ• Masaomi Dewa โŠ• Tatara Totsuka โŠ• Tatara Totsuka โŠ•
Mikoto Suoh โŠ• Mikoto Suoh โŠ• Yashiro Isana โŠ• Yashiro Isana โŠ•
Misaki Yata โŠ• Misaki Yata โŠ• You Chitose โŠ• You Chitose โŠ•

Description: K

Yashiro Isana's life seemed ordinary enough. Almost everyone likes him at school, even though he had a bad habit of losing his PDA. Then out of the blue, his life changed... for the worst, and now is fearing for his life!

It happened suddenly; a strange video was broadcast publicly in the city where Yashiro lived... one that showed Yashiro murdering the leader of a very powerful... AND very violent clan! He knows he's innocent, but now he finds himself as the target of the clan's vengeful attacks. If that didn't worry him, his closest ally, the swordsman Kuroh Yatogami, isn't that convinced he's not the murderer and wants to kill Yashiro to prevent him from becoming the next 'Colorless King', but is willing to allow him to prove his innocence. And who in the world is that naked girl that hangs around with him who thinks she's a cat?

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