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Character Profile: Leon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Leon Leon Leon (Kaleido Star)
King of Death King of Death
· · ·
The Prince of the Stage The Prince of the Stage
Human Human
Male Male
19 years old 19 years old
Gray Gray
Gray Gray
6'3" 190 cm
About 158.7 lbs About 72 kg
Type O Type O
Stage performer Stage performer
"I give you a chance" "I give you a chance"
Mike MacRae Takehiro Sakurai
Kaleido Star Kaleido Star

Character Description: Leon

Now he is one complex character. First of all we know almost nothing about him until like the end of the series. He is cold, harsh, and he doesn't care about anyone. He once had a sister named Sophie. She was better than him on the stage (which is REALLY hard to believe watching Leon's act), but she died during an accident. She wanted to become a True Star, and made Leon promise her that he would perform the Angelic Skills no matter what.

Leon became cold the day Sophie died. He "killed" his partners because he didn't care about them. But Sora was not like them. She reminded him of Sophie and he grew fond of her. Sora changed everyone by her side, and we could see another Leon. Someone who DOES care, someone sweet, who helps whoever deserves it. Not to mention that he looks good, and is the best of the best.

Watching his performance I couldn't help myself but letting my jaw drop, and wanting to be able of what he does. Wanting to fly. Even if he is cold, he is a very nice person, but tragic. One that cannot forget, and cannot forgive. Once he learns to deal with his past, he may well be able to get over it. I hope... after all, he deserved it. As I had hated him at the beginning, I learned to like and understand him throughout the show.

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