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Japanese Info
Yuri KillianYuri KillianYuri Killian (Kaleido Star)
18 years old18 years old
Blue, sometimes grayBlue, sometimes gray
6'1"185 cm
165.3 lbs75 kg
Type BType B
Former partner of Layla HamiltonFormer partner of Layla Hamilton
"Don't cry. I cannot stand a crying clown. I believe it is the saddest thing on earth. Even when you have a job you don't like, you must do it smiling." (To Sora, on her first work day)
Illich GuardiolaSusumo Chiba
Episode 2Episode 2
Kaleido StarKaleido Star

Character Description: Yuri Killian

Yuri Killian is one of the best male performers at Kaleido Stage. He is Layla Hamilton's partner, and not only that but he is also one of her best friends. He loves her, and tries to protect her, and cares deeply for Sora too. In fact, Sora wants him to teach her the Angelic Skills.

Yuri is very good-looking and has a charming personality, but gets mad easily, especially when he hears that the girls want to perform the Amazing Skill. His father, Arlon Bross, died during the performance, and he blames Kalos for it. In fact, beyond that beautiful smile of his hides a vengeful person.

He tries to destroy Kaleido, and nearly succeeds it, but then again the girls save the day. He moves to France to attend a university and learns to be the administrator of Kaleido. He comes back on stage for a competition, where he faces his past, meeting Leon.

Kaleido withdraws from Kaleido Stage, but only to shut it down and buy it from Kalos. He manages to get over his past mistakes with the help of Sora, and he goes off to Paris to study abroad. Later, he rejoins Kaleido Stage as a producer and performer to help Sora with the Angel's Act. The only one that actually left was Layla Hamilton

Overall, Yuri is one of the most realistic characters of the show, and one of my favorite guys of anime.

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