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KamiChuKamisama wa ChugakuseiKamiChu
16 TV episodes16 TV episodes
Geneon Entertainment (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)
Besame Mucho
Koji Masunari
Comedy, Drama, ParanormalComedy, Drama, Paranormal
Kenji Ninomiya Kenji Ninomiya
· · ·
Matsuri Saegusa Matsuri Saegusa
· · ·
Miko Saegusa Miko Saegusa
· · ·
Mitsue Shijou Mitsue Shijou
· · ·
Yashima Yashima
· · ·
Yurie Hitotsubashi Yurie Hitotsubashi

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Description: KamiChu

Yurie is a cute middle school student who seems normal at first. She gets average grades, she's a little shy, and she has a crush, Kenji Ninomiya. But one day, she's surprised to find out that she is a god!

Matsuri overhears Yurie telling her friend Mitsue, and claims that Yurie is her new best friend, with hopes of promoting her family's bankrupt shrine (oh, isn't that nice?).

Yurie goes through a lot, which includes getting the locals (who regard her as some kind of problem-solver) to take her seriously, meeting aliens, cure curses, grant wishes, and somehow confess her feelings to Kenji. A fairly cute anime.

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