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Elda MarkerElda Marker (彼女の名は エルダ・マーカー)Elda Marker (Karin)
Over 200 yearsOver 200 years
Light purpleLight purple
Matriarch of the Marker familyMatriarch of the Marker family
Denise Tan Shu FenYuri Shiratori (白鳥 由里)
Episode 15, "Elda's Appearance is Embarrassing"Episode 15, "Elda's Appearance is Embarrassing"

Character Description: Elda Marker

Elda Marker is Karin Maaka's look-alike grandmother on her father Henry's side. For the better part of 200 years, she has dwelt in Japan – and the last 16 years confined to a coffin in the basement by Carrera Maaka, who she doesn't get along with.

Elda's story really began two hundred years before, in Europe. During that time, she had fallen in love with a human. The trouble – her love, Julian Sinclair, was part of a family of vampire hunters. However, she was willing to reign in her blood's affinity for the sake of her love for Julian. However, Julian's father, offended by his son's love of a vampire, locked him away and told Elda that he left and didn't wish to see her anymore.

At first, Elda held out in the chance that Julian was mistaken. But when she finally believed the falsehood, she went on a rampage and drank blood whenever she felt like it. This caught the attention of Julian's father, and he led a mob to slay her. But Julian soon broke out of his place of confinement and followed a weakened Elda to her hiding place. The mob then torched the building, and Julian pleaded with Elda to drink his blood to escape. She did – which led to her greatest heartbreak!

Elda's blood affinity was that of love and loving feelings, and when she drank Julian's blood, he grew to hate her and driven a stake into her heart. Elda survived, but the scar is still on her chest. Hoping to escape the Sinclair family, she then fled to Japan.

As said before, Elda and Carrera have a dislike for each other, and Carrera would prefer to see Elda dead and gone. Ren Maaka lives in fear of Elda, mostly because an incident when he was 4 – she nearly hugged him to death! As for Karin, Elda is a little annoyed the young girl inherited Carrera's bustline... and is more annoyed that she had fallen in love with Kenta Usui and would like to see the two broken apart than see Karin suffer a similar heartbreak as she did.

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