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Winner SinclairWinner Sinclair (ウィナーシンクレア)Winner Sinclair (Karin)
16 years old16 years old
Student, vampire hunterStudent, vampire hunter
James ShubertKouki Miyata (宮田 幸季)
Episode 6, "My Lively Mother is Embarrassing"Episode 6, "My Lively Mother is Embarrassing"

Character Description: Winner Sinclair

A native of Europe, Winner Sinclair had emigrated to Japan years earlier while his grandfather Victor Sinclair trained him in the family art of vampire hunting. But as a young boy, despite Victor's often brutal training methods, Winner seemed to lack the confidence to do his tasks. But it was during one day, when a solar eclipse somehow turned the skies a crimson red, was when his life changed.

The young Winner was standing at the dock, moribund about his ineptitude, that he met Karin Maaka, who had sensed his unhappiness, and bit him on the neck, giving him her blood. Strangely, Winner didn't seem to sense he was being bitten at all, and thought the whole thing was something romantic. But it was afterward that, empowered with the infusion of Karin's blood, that Winner was able to become more accomplished in his studies of vampire hunting.

Winner left Japan soon afterward to continue his studies, but returned at the behest of his grandfather to begin hunting. He soon enrolled at the same high school that Karin and Kenta Usui were in – and oblivious that Karin was a vampire, fell in love with the girl at first sight, while at the same time became enraged at what he thought was Kenta's similar attention to Karin as well. But soon afterward, he was able to put his animosity towards Kenta aside.

Winner soon proved to be very clueless about the situation around the city, and soon proved himself to be an annoyance to everyone around him. He's also afraid of the sight of blood, and is totally oblivious to the attentions of Maki Tokito – which precipitated a horrifying incident between the girl and Karin's sister Anju.

Character Description: Winner Sinclair

Winner Sinclair is an anime only character and is not included the manga. Winner is a Vampire Hunter in training. He is also hemophobic, and falls in love with Karin at first sight (without knowing she is a vampire).

Winner thinks that Karin was his first kiss, about 4 to 6 years ago, when actually Winner Sinclair was the first person Karin bit after awaking as a vampire. He confused it with a kiss because his memory wasn't erased completely. He remembers that day.

Maki Tokitou is in love with Winner, and she keeps getting denied by him. For instance, Maki was going to give him a hand-made scarf for Christmas and tell him the truth, but he was in a hurry and told her "can you save such trivial matters for later"... and she fell apart.

Later, Winner figures out that Karin is a vampire. His grandfather told him the truth about the event of his "first kiss," and his grandfather told him to kill Karin and her grandmother. He couldn't do it since he loved her to much, and gave them time to run. Later, he meets up with Maki and talks to her about it and now Maki knows that Karin is a Vampire and the one thing she says is "Karin is still Karin." This helped him get over the new news and went to save Karin from his grandfather.

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