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Hazumu OsaragiHazumu Osaragi (大佛はずむ)Hazumu Osaragi (Kashimashi ~Girl Meet Girl~)
Female (originally male)Female (originally male)
17 years old17 years old
Reddish-brown (brown as male)Reddish-brown (brown as male)
Stephanie ShehKana Udea
Episode 1, "The Young Boy's Life Changed That Day"Episode 1, "The Young Boy's Life Changed That Day"
Kashimashi ~Girl Meet Girl~Kashimashi ~Garu Mitsu Garu~

Character Description: Hazumu Osaragi

Hazumu Osaragi was originally a shy, sensitive boy with a love of horticulture who had a crush on a certain girl, Yasuna Kamiizumi. However, when he confessed his love for her, she turned him down. Crushed, Hazumu decides to climb Mt. Kashima in order to get his life in order. While around the plant life he loved, Hazumu was severely injured when an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed on top of him. Earnest in his concern for the youth, as well as following the dictates of his world, the alien pilot reconstructs Hazumu. However, the process in healing him unexpectedly changes the boy's gender from male to female – down to Hazumu's D.N.A.!

Now a girl, Hazumu finds that she is completely clueless on how a normal girl is supposed to act, not to mention that her parents were completely unphased about their child's abrupt sex change. Oddly enough, Hazumu's personality traits haven't been changed, which helped making her transition easier. Additionally, a classmate of Hazumu's, the tomboyish Tomari Kurusu, who was at first annoyed at Hazumu's transformation (she liked Hazumu as a boy) but found that Hazumu was still the same person she knew, tries to help her friend out.

But soon a complication occurs. Yasuna, who at first rejected the male Hazumu (she suffered from an affliction which prevented her from seeing males; they were covered by a gray blur), now has taken notice of the female version, but is confused on how to approach this now that Hazumu is a girl. As well, Tomari as also expressed affection towards Hazumu, but is equally clumsy about expressing it. And Hazumu – she is still trying to muddle through how to be a girl, as well and trying to sort out her feelings towards Yasuna and Tomari.

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