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Kaze no StigmaKaze no Stigma ("Stigma of the Wind") (風の聖痕)Kaze no Stigma
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Stigma of the Wind
24 TV Episodes24 TV Episodes
June 30, 2009 (DVD)April 11, 2007–Sept 20, 2007
Takahiro Yamato
Chris Cason (ADR Director)Jun'ichi Sakata
Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, ParanormalAction, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Paranormal
Kazuma YagamiKazuma Yagami
· · ·
Ayano Kannagi ⊕ Ayano Kannagi ⊕
· · ·
Kirika Tachibana ⊕ Kirika Tachibana ⊕
· · ·
Lapis Suirei ⊕ Lapis Suirei ⊕
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Characters: Kaze no Stigma

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kazuma Yagami Kazuma Yagami Michael Harley ⊕ Michael Harley ⊕
Ayano Kannagi ⊕ Ayano Kannagi ⊕ Nanase Kudou ⊕ Nanase Kudou ⊕
Kirika Tachibana ⊕ Kirika Tachibana ⊕ Ren Kannagi ⊕ Ren Kannagi ⊕
Lapis Suirei ⊕ Lapis Suirei ⊕ Yukari Shinomiya ⊕ Yukari Shinomiya ⊕

Description: Kaze no Stigma

Four years ago, he was known as Kazuma Kannagi, member of a clan skilled in enjutsu (fire arts). However, he had no talent for the flames, and was bested by his relative Ayano for the right to hold the sacred sword Enraiha, symbol of the clan's succession, and banished in disgrace. In the interim, he found his talent in the wind and learned to master fuujutsu (wind arts) instead. In light of his new calling, he renames himself Kazuma Yagami, and after his four-year exile returns to his ancestral home...and right into a hornet's nest!

Kaze no Stigma Kaze no Stigma

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