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Kaze no YojimboKaze no Yojimbo ("Yojimbo of the Wind") (旋風の用心棒)Kaze no Yojimbo
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Yojimbo of the Wind
25 TV Episodes25 TV Episodes
April 27, 2004October 2, 2001–March 26, 2002
Bandai EntertainmentStudio Pierrot/NTV
Akira Kurosawa
Hayato Date
Adventure, Drama, MysteryAdventure, Drama, Mystery
Araiguma ⊕ Araiguma ⊕
· · ·
Fukajirô Shirogane ⊕ Fukajirô Shirogane ⊕
· · ·
George (JoJi) Kodama ⊕ George (JoJi) Kodama ⊕
· · ·
Inspector Saeki ⊕ Inspector Saeki ⊕
· · ·
Kanehara ⊕ Kanehara ⊕
· · ·
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Characters: Kaze no Yojimbo

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Araiguma ⊕ Araiguma ⊕ Miyuki Tanokura ⊕ Miyuki Tanokura ⊕
Fukajirô Shirogane ⊕ Fukajirô Shirogane ⊕ Officer Konishi ⊕ Officer Konishi ⊕
George (JoJi) Kodama ⊕ George (JoJi) Kodama ⊕ Rin Shirogane ⊕ Rin Shirogane ⊕
Inspector Saeki ⊕ Inspector Saeki ⊕ Samekichi Shirogane ⊕ Samekichi Shirogane ⊕
Kanehara ⊕ Kanehara ⊕ Sanae Araki ⊕ Sanae Araki ⊕
Ken ⊕ Ken ⊕ Shusaku Tanokura ⊕ Shusaku Tanokura ⊕
Konishi ⊕ Konishi ⊕ Tanida ⊕ Tanida ⊕
Kotoyo Tanakura ⊕ Kotoyo Tanakura ⊕ Yamamoto ⊕ Yamamoto ⊕

Description: Kaze no Yojimbo

Based on the classic Akira Kurasawa flick, Kaze no Yojimbo brings a new and modernized spin to the classic Samurai tale. A mysterious young drifter named George Kodama finds himself in the town of Kimujuku while in search of a man known as Araki Genzo.

After bearing witness to his fighting skills, George is hired as a bodyguard for a prominent father's daughter. However, he learns that the seemingly peaceful town is a deceptive cover, and quickly learns that he's an unwelcome guest.

Kimujuku hides a mysteriously dark past and is home to two warring criminal syndicates that are terrorizing the streets. Now, George must fight to survive and attempt to solve the mysteries surrounding the town of Kimujuku.

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