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Anime Profile: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Shijo Saikyo no Deshi Kenichi(史上最強の弟子ケンイチ ) Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
50 TV Episodes 50 TV Episodes
March 10, 2010 October 7, 2006–September 29, 2007
FUNimation Shokakugan, TMS Ent., Kenichi Project, TV Tokyo
  Syun Matsuena
  Hajami Kamegaki
Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance
Akisame Koetsuji Akisame Koetsuji
· · ·
Apachai Hopachai Apachai Hopachai
· · ·
Daimonji Daimonji
· · ·
Harou Niijima Harou Niijima
· · ·
Hayato Furinji Hayato Furinji
· · ·
Honoka Shirahama Honoka Shirahama
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akisame Koetsuji Akisame Koetsuji Miu Furinji Miu Furinji
Apachai Hopachai Apachai Hopachai Mototsugu Shirahama Mototsugu Shirahama
Daimonji Daimonji Renka Ma Renka Ma
Harou Niijima Harou Niijima Ryo Ma Ryo Ma
Hayato Furinji Hayato Furinji Saori Shirahama Saori Shirahama
Honoka Shirahama Honoka Shirahama Shigure Kosaka Shigure Kosaka
Ikki Takeda Ikki Takeda Shio Sakaki Shio Sakaki
Kaname Kugatachi Kaname Kugatachi Tochimaru Tochimaru
Kenichi Shirahama Kenichi Shirahama Yuka Izumi Yuka Izumi
Kensei Ma Kensei Ma Yuma Chiaki Yuma Chiaki
Kisara Nanjo Kisara Nanjo    

Anime Description: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

For almost his entire life, Kenichi Shirahama had been bullied for one reason or another. So much so, he had earned the nickname 'Weak Knees', mainly because his legs often trembled at the prospect of being beaten-up. But it didn't mean he didn't have any dreams, which was for one day being able to defend the weak against such bullies.

But one day Kenichi had the good fortune to meet Miu Furinji, a cute, busty young girl who also happened to be an excellent martial artist. It so happened that Miu lived at the Ryozanpaku Dojo with her grandfather Hayato, who was one of six of the greatest martial artists in the world who are living there as well! Now with six great fighters on his side, Kenichi is able to live his dream... provided the experience of the intensive training doesn't kill him, that is!

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