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KibaKiba (牙)Kiba
? TV Episodes51 TV Episodes
July 14, 2008April 5, 2006
ADV Films, Toonami JetstreamAniplex, Madhouse, and Tokyo TV
Hiroshi Kohjina
Action, Adventure, Drama, FantasyAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
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Aisha βŠ• Aisha βŠ•
· · ·
Amil Gawl βŠ• Amil Gaoul βŠ•
· · ·
Aval βŠ• Aval βŠ•
· · ·
Carter βŠ• Carter βŠ•
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Carua βŠ• Carua βŠ•
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Claude βŠ• Claude βŠ•
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Characters: Kiba

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Roya Roia Hugh βŠ• Hugh βŠ•
Zed Zedd Irony βŠ• Irony βŠ•
Aisha βŠ• Aisha βŠ• Jure βŠ• Jure βŠ•
Amil Gawl βŠ• Amil Gaoul βŠ• Kahn βŠ• Kahn βŠ•
Aval βŠ• Aval βŠ• Katie βŠ• Katie βŠ•
Carter βŠ• Carter βŠ• Keith βŠ• Keith βŠ•
Carua βŠ• Carua βŠ• Mikki βŠ• Miki βŠ•
Claude βŠ• Claude βŠ• Morocco βŠ• Morocco βŠ•
Despara βŠ• Despara βŠ• Noah βŠ• Noah βŠ•
Diana βŠ• Diana βŠ• Princess Rebecca βŠ• Princess Rebecca βŠ•
Dumas βŠ• Dumas βŠ• Robes βŠ• Robes βŠ•
Elda βŠ• Elda βŠ• Sagili βŠ• Sagili βŠ•
Elmeyda βŠ• Elmeyda βŠ• Sarah βŠ• Sarah βŠ•
Frea βŠ• Frea βŠ• Sebastian βŠ• Sebastian βŠ•
Gale βŠ• Gale βŠ• Stonos βŠ• Stonos βŠ•
Hiram, βŠ• Hiram, βŠ• Zico βŠ• Zico βŠ•

Description: Kiba

It's on TV, it's plastered over the subway walls and it was seen in every corner at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center during the Tokyo International Anime Fair last March. It's the next big thing, or at least the newest, most formidable contender and its name is Kiba. The newest work from fan-favorite studio Madhouse, makers of Trigun, Aniplex, the producers of Fullmetal Alchemist and TV Tokyo, home of the mega hit Sergent Keroro. Together, they've come up with an original story that is hoped to rock the world like Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragon Ball before it. It is most usual for a anime series to be made out of a manga, but this one was made from scratch.

Kiba is about Zed, an unsatisfied, unfocused 15-year-old living in Calm, who wants more out of life. One day he get his chance when a mysterious gust of wind guides him to a tear in space and time, which leads him to a land full of magicians, crystals with strange powers called shards, and monsters called sprits. But this place is also torn apart by war.

There is Shard Caster, a person with the ability to use magic. Some Shard Casters can even summon sprits. Fascinated by that power, Zed also aims to become a Shard Caster, but he is unaware that he already harbors an extraordinary spiritual force called Amil Gawl, a mighty Spirit with the power to change the world.

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