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Anime Profile: Kiddy Girl-and

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kiddy Girl-and Kiddy Girl-and(キディ・ガーランド) Kiddy Girl-and
12 TV Episodes(currently ongoing) 12 TV Episodes(currently ongoing)
  October 15, 2009
  Satelight, asread, gimik, Kadokawa Shoten, Chiba TV
  Keiji Gotoh, gimik
  Keiji Gotoh
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Kiddy Grade Kiddy Grade
A-ou A-ou
· · ·
Alisa Alisa
· · ·
Ascoeur Ascoeur
· · ·
Belle Belle
· · ·
Eclair Eclair
· · ·
Hiver Hiver
· · ·
Letuchie Letuchie
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Kiddy Girl-and

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
A-ou A-ou Rubis Rubis
Alisa Alisa Saphir Saphir
Ascoeur Ascoeur Shade Shade
Belle Belle Sommer Sommer
Eclair Eclair Torch Torch
Hiver Hiver Trixie Trixie
Letuchie Letuchie Troyes Jeanne Troyes Jeanne
Lumiere Lumiere Tweedledee Tweedledee
Pauk Pauk Tweedledum Tweedledum
Q-Feuille Q-Feuille Un-ou Un-ou

Anime Description: Kiddy Girl-and

In the long-awaited spin off to Kiddy Grade, we jump ahead two decades after the original series in the year Star Century 0379. Eclair and Lumiere fought a major battle that decided the fate of an entire galaxy, and peace is achieved once again. But now the galaxy faces a new threat, but this time the future will rely upon two new heroines known as Ascoeur and Q-Feuille. Both girls are apart of GTO, a division that trains people to become ES Members for the Galactic Federation. Will they be up to the task?

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