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Chief EclipseChief EclipseChief Eclipse (Kiddy Grade)
Sky BlueSky Blue
Executive Chief, Head of Office of the Galactic Organization of the Trade and TariffsExecutive Chief, Head of Office of the Galactic Organization of the Trade and Tariffs
Episode 1: "Depth/Space":Episode 1: "Depth/Space":
Kiddy GradeKiddy Grade

Character Description: Chief Eclipse

Eclipse is the highest authority and leads the ES Members who are under her direct command. She is cool, calm, intelligent, and fair, and sometimes mean if in a bad mood. She is admired, even by Eclair.

She studies many different social trends, sets up different scenarios, and selects the ES members for each mission. For some reason she seems to be preparing for some future situation. There is a rumor that Eclipse, herself, has a special power equal of any ES Member. Eclipse follows orders from Space Planetary Federation Government, GOTT Director, and GOTT Inspector General Absolutely.

Eclipse can be said to be the "mother hen" of all the ES agents. It is not known how she came about them, but she holds an extremely powerful ability thanks to nanotechnology: an ability which she doesn't reveal until late in the series.

She calls her power "Kvant" (a Russian word) or "Quantum Jumping". What this means is that she can employ the quantum uncertainty principle and the concept of quantum mangling. One visible effect of this is that she can teleport at will. She uses this to escape death and rescue Eclair and Lumiere when Alv and Dverger steal their identities and take over the GOTT.

The ES agents really have Eclipse to thank for their abilities, as it is "Kvant" that lets her encode nanomachines which she then imparts into the agents to give them their own abilities. Eclair and Lumiere were the first she changed in this way when they came up on her a long time ago (and perhaps because of this, she gave them what would become abilities as powerful as her own G-class "Kvant"). The others came as time went by. Her knack for nanotechnology also gives her the ability to perform special kinds of healing when ES members are grievously injured, though in particular circumstances, such healings may require that the recipient's appearance become altered.

All ES Agents (and Eclipse) are technically Cyborgs (they have nanites in them). Their age is also impossible to determine because their ages have been halted by the nanites in them, so any ages listed are only apparent ages, not actual ages.

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