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Lumière (french for "light")Lumière (french for "light")Lumière (Kiddy Grade)
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Lumiere (french for "light")Lumiere (french for "light")
Appears about 10 years old (born November 28)Appears about 10 years old (born November 28)
5'0"152 cm
ES member (C-Class)ES member (C-Class)
"A lady really should be more elegant.""A lady really should be more elegant."
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"A lady should really be more elegant." (play clip)]"A lady really should be more elegant." (play clip)
Monica RialAya Hirano
Episode 1: "Depth/Space":Episode 1: "Depth/Space":
Kiddy GradeKiddy Grade

Character Description: Lumière

Though looking much younger than her colleague, Lumiere is the more mature-acting and more sophisticated of the pair, always chiding Eclair for not being as elegant and ladylike as she herself acts. In truth, the two of them are the closest of friends and the closest each have to sisters (what we do know is that they met as orphans on the street). They've been together for longer than anyone outside the GOTT knows and have been through a lot, but each will look after the other. It was Lumiere who saw to Eclair after Eclair subjected herself to amnesia after a nervous breakdown.

Unlike Eclair, who lives in a spartan and somewhat-damaged apartment, Lumiere lives in a mansion staffed by robots and always dresses the part when she can. She has a preference for grape juice, and though she always drinks them out of what appear to a be wine bottle and crystal goblet, her childlike physique and always-clear head leads us to suspect she's truthful on that score. Sometimes, though, she will use the bottles as weapons--the bottles can either explode or shower an enemy with nanites that can attack in various ways.

Lumiere's common ability is called "Puppet". Her ability allows her to send out "strings" of light (really nanites) that can invade almost anything electronic and hack into them, enabling her to take control of them. This ability is augmented by her and Eclair's ship, the La Muse, and its AI, Wirbelwind, enabling her to hack from long distances. Because of her ability to interact with electronics, she is one of the few ES agents capable of working in cyberspace, and she has a unique knack for developing techniques to use in electronic warfare (even Tweedledee is impressed by her ingenuity). It was Lumiere who developed a way to defeat the D-command, and she uses this to save Eclair and herself while they are on the run from the GOTT. However, after the assault on the GOTT, Lumiere is forced to undergo one of those radical alterations to save her life. But the process doesn't seem to take fully, and she first falls gravely ill, then recovers but loses her "Puppet" ability.

Lumière (Kiddy Grade) But towards the end of the series, when it was needed to save her life and that of her partner, Eclair, Lumiere not only reawakens to her power, but she also unlocks her true ability: "Particle", the ability to completely manipulate atomic and quantum bonds. This is more powerful than Viola and Cesario's joint ability because she can reconstruct with this power, and it is only one of three known G-class abilities held by individuals (the other two by this time are known to be held by Eclair and Eclipse). When Lumiere invokes her "Particle" power, her body morphs into an older version of her regular self--about Eclair's age and height. But such a tremendous power is taxing, so she cannot use this power for lengthy periods. When she's finished, she reverts back to her normal form.

All ES Agents (and Eclipse) are technically Cyborgs (they have nanites in them). Their age is also impossible to determine because their ages have been halted by the nanites in them, so any ages listed are only apparent ages, not actual ages.

Character Description: Lumière

Lumiere is the much younger partner of Eclair. She has extraordinary deductive reasoning skills and gives a rather dry impression to those around her. While she is very young, she is also very mature for her age, and constantly nags (in a motherly way) Eclair to be more elegant in her work.

Lumiere has the ability called "Puppet", which gives her the ability to hack into any computer or electronic device using threads of light from her fingertips, which then allows her to gain complete control of the device. She can also use her "Puppet" ability together with Wirbelwind, the computer aboard their ship, the La Muse, to hack into even distant computers.

Lumiere is French for "light".

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