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Character Profile: Professor Gill

USA Info
Japanese Info
Professor Gill Professor Gill Professor Gill (Android Kikaider: The Animation)
Gil-Hakaider Gil-Hakaider
Human Human
Male Male
Late 40's Late 40's
Black Black
Black Black
Leader of DARK Leader of DARK
"You wander this world for the rest of your pathetic existence"  
Michael Gregory Shinji Ogawa
Android Kikaider: The Animation Jinzo Ningen Kikaider: The Animation

Character Description: Professor Gill

Professor Gill was the leader of a terrorist organization called DARK. He once funded Dr. Komyoji's research, and he even introduced Mitsuko's and Massaru's Mom to Dr. Komyoji. Gil hates Kikaider, seeing him as an abombnation of robots due to his Gemini System, and wants to destroy him as a result. Gill used a flute that can control his Dark Androids. The flute had a pyschotic effect on Jiro, making him violent. But in DARK's last days, Jiro overcame Gill's control and tried to kill the villian, but he didn't have it in him. But a headless Hakaider did, choking Gill as the DARK base exploded.

Dark's three elite scientists (who also were critically wounded in the blast) salvage their employer's brain and transfered it into the body of a restored Hakaider, minus Sanburo's AI. After that, Gill became the cyborg Gill-Hakaider, leader of the Hakaider Squad and the terrorist group Shadow, who must retrieve his son Akira, the core of the project he worked on before Kikaider destoryed DARK, the Armageddon Lord.

The Hikaider Squad fought Jiro and Ichiro, but Gill-Hakaider escaped as his comrades sacrificed themselves. When the Armageddon Lord was activated with the Kikaiders and Bijinder captured, Gill-Hakaider modified Jiro's Gemini system the mind-control chip he installed in his 'brothers' and Bijinder, but it only fullfilled Jiro's goal to be "human", possessing the abilty to be BOTH good and evil like a real human. As a result, Jiro finally managed to kil Gill-Hakaider, crushing his brain.

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