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Character Profile: Masaru Komyoji

USA Info
Japanese Info
Masaru Komyoji Masaru Komyoji Masaru Komyoji (Android Kikaider: The Animation)
Human Human
Human Human
8 years 8 years
Brown Brown
Varies Varies
Mitsuko's younger brother Mitsuko's younger brother
"Dad made you, right? Then we're brothers!"  
Barbara Goodson Kobayashi Yumiko
Android Kikaider: The Animation Jinzo Ningen Kikaider: The Animation

Character Description: Masaru Komyoji

Masaru is the spunky younger brother of Mitsuko, and Dr. Komyouji's only remaining son since his half brother, Ichiro (not to be confused with Kikaider 01), had 'died' before his birth.

He's quick to cry at times, but can you blame him? Mother left shortly after his birth, Dad is a workaholic and there is only so much his sister could have done for him. Not to mention, his dad was then kidnapped by DARK which just opens up opportunities for all kinds of crappy situations.

We don't see him interact with any other real children in the series, which I find odd. He goes through more traumatizing events as the series progresses (you'll know what I mean by the time you see 'Frozen Bonds'), yet he still remains spunky and eager to help, although he is more often shoved into the background.

However, don't count him out just yet. He's not just all talk and no action. During one episode, he finally gets tired of being left where it's safe while his sister and Jiro go off exploring. He manages to hoodwink the detectives by making a shading and getting the location of his sister's whereabouts through this trick. Then he manages to escape their office, get to the train station, and make it all the way to the cabin! Now granted, he did get escorted by some DARK robots, but still, he probably could have made it on his own.

He definitely is one of the more overlooked characters. From kicking cops who don't know when to hold their tongue to knowing when to make the first move, Masaru's pretty gutsy for an 8-year old.

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