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Character Profile: Saburo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Saburo Saburo Saburo
Hakaider Hakaider
Cyborg Cyborg
Male Male
Black Black
Black Black
5'10" About 178 cm
About 225 lbs About 102 kg
"I was made for one purpose, to kill Kikaider."  
Steven Jay Blum Juurouta Kosugi
Android Kikaider: The Animation Jinzo Ningen Kikaider: The Animation

Character Description: Saburo

Saburo is an evil cold-blooded machine, consider as Jiro's "younger brother" as he was also made by Dr. Komyoji. While Jiro was made by Dr. Komyoji voluntarily, Saburo was one of the Hakaider androids Komyoji was forced to make under the dominance of DARK to "correct" his mistake...by destroying Kikaider. Unlike the other Hakaiders made, Saburo is a cyborg. Since Gil had Dr. Komyoji's brain transplanted into the very android he created, it was Saburo's trump card against Jiro.

Saburo once tried to control Jiro with his whistling, which sounded similar to Gil's Flute. But Saburo's only weakness is that he wants to kill Kikaider in a way to make his existence worth something. He drove the White-Crow motorcycle.

Saburo carried a shot-gun designed to destroy all machinery with it's high-frequency bullets. It transforms into the Hakaida-Shot, which Hakaider used to blow Kikaider's arm off. Hakaider almost succeeded in killing Kikaider, when Komyoji's brain override Saburo's systems momentarily and helped get Kikaider and the others into DARK HQ. By the time Saburo resumed control, Gil no longer needed him and had the other Hakaiders blasted the cyborg's head off. But Saburo, headless, was still active and grabbed Gil by the throat as DARK HQ exploded.

Saburo was soon rebuilt by those of DARK that survived, but his AI was completely removed and replaced by the disembodied brain of Gil.

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