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Anime Profile: Kill la Kill

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kill la Kill Kill la Kill(キルラキル) Kill la Kill
· · ·
  Kiru ra Kiru
24 TV Episodes 24 TV Episodes
  October 3, 2013
Aniplex USA Trigger, Mainichi Broadcasting System, TBS
  Kazuki Nakashima, Hiroyuki Imaishi
  Hiroyuki Imaishi
Action, Comedy, Fantasy Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Ryuuko Matoi Ryuuko Matoi
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Kill la Kill

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ryuuko Matoi Ryuuko Matoi Nonon Jakuzure Nonon Jakuzure
Satsuki Kiryuin Satsuki Kiryuin Nui Harime Nui Harime
Aikuro Mikisugi Aikuro Mikisugi Ragyo Kiryuin Ragyo Kiryuin
Houka Inumuta Houka Inumuta Senketsu Senketsu
Ira Gamagoori Ira Gamagoori Tsumugu Kinagase Tsumugu Kinagase
Isshin Matoi Isshin Matoi Uzu Sanageyama Uzu Sanageyama
Mako Mankanshoku Mako Mankanshoku    

Anime Description: Kill la Kill

From the creators of Gurren Lagann comes Kill la Kill, an outrageous new series about the exploits of Ryuuko Matoi, and headstrong young student who wields a sword shaped like a half a pair of scissors. Her enemy is the fearsome Student council of the Hounnouji Academy, lead by Satsuki Kiryuin. The Hounnouji Academy has taken over most of Japan and rules through fear, power and an iron fist. They all wield the power of the Goku Uniforms, multi-level uniforms that are capable of giving those who possess them superpowers. Ryuuko inherits a special uniform from her father that gives her power through her own blood, and uses it to challenge Satsuki and her henchmen. Believing that Satsuki is responsible for her father's death, she seeks to challenge her and the rest of Hounnouji in order to both liberate the innocent and learn the truth.

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