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Kimagure Orange RoadKimagure Orange Road (γγΎγγ‚Œγ‚ͺγƒ¬γƒ³γ‚Έβ˜†γƒ­γƒΌγƒ‰)Kimagure Orange Road
48 TV episodes, 8 OVA episodes, 2 movies48 TV episodes, 8 OVA episodes, 2 movies
April 29, 2003 (DVD)April 6, 1987–March 7, 1988
AnimEigo (TV/OVA/Movie 1), ADV Films (Movie 2)Studio Pierrot/TOHO/NTV
Izumi Matsumoto
Osamu Kobayashi (TV), Various (Koichiro Nakamura, Naoyuki Yoshinaga, Takeshi Mori, Tomomichi Mochizuki) (OVA)
Comedy, Drama, Paranormal, RomanceComedy, Drama, Paranormal, Romance
Akane βŠ• Akane βŠ•
· · ·
Hikaru Hiyama βŠ• Hikaru Hiyama βŠ•
· · ·
Jingoro βŠ• Jingoro βŠ•
· · ·
Kazuya Hatta βŠ• Kazuya Hatta βŠ•
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Characters: Kimagure Orange Road

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akane βŠ• Akane βŠ• Madoka Ayukawa βŠ• Madoka Ayukawa βŠ•
Hikaru Hiyama βŠ• Hikaru Hiyama βŠ• Manami Kasuga βŠ• Manami Kasuga βŠ•
Jingoro βŠ• Jingoro βŠ• Matsuda βŠ• Matsuda βŠ•
Kazuya Hatta βŠ• Kazuya Hatta βŠ• Seiji Komatsu βŠ• Seiji Komatsu βŠ•
Kazuya Kasuga βŠ• Kazuya Kasuga βŠ• Takashi Kasuga βŠ• Takashi Kasuga βŠ•
Kumiko Oda βŠ• Kumiko Oda βŠ• Yukari βŠ• Yukari βŠ•
Kurumi Kasuga βŠ• Kurumi Kasuga βŠ• Yusaku Hino βŠ• Yusaku Hino βŠ•
Kyosuke Kasuga βŠ• Kyosuke Kasuga βŠ•

Description: Kimagure Orange Road

Kyosuke Kasuga seems like your ordinary 15-year old, except for the fact that he has an amazing secret. Kyosuke actually has telekinetic powers, but he tries hard not to show this power to anyone. Moving to a new city, he becomes smitten with a girl named Madoka Ayukawa who doesn't exactly reciprocate. However, another girl, the slightly childish Hikaru Hiyama also has feelings for Kyosuke.

Despite this normal love triangle, the lives of these characters are anything BUT normal. Kyosuke's family deals with and specializes in all kinds of paranormal phenomenon, and none of them have any problem displaying their powers in public. Can Kyosuke keep him and his family's powers a secret? And most of all, what kind of resolution will come out of the love triangle between Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru?

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