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Anime Profile: Kino's Journey

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kino's Journey Kino no Tabi ~the Beautiful World~("Kino's Journey ~the Beautiful World~") Kino's Journey
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  Kino's Journey ~the Beautiful World~
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
2003 2003
ADV Films  
  Keiichi Shiguresawa
  Ryutaro Nakamura
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Kino Kino
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Kino's Journey

A beautiful anime about a young traveler named Kino and a talking motorcycle, Hermes. Together they spend three days at each location and learn valuable lessons.

The places they visit are: country where people understand others' pain, country of majority decision, country of adults, country of prophecy, country of sadness, country of peace, country where everyone doesn't need to work, country of kindness, and colosseum-avengers.

This anime is based on a novel created by Keiichi Shiguresawa, published on July 10 in 2000. The novel about Kino and the adventures had been a bestseller hit in Japan. I recommend this anime to everyone, with parent/guardian supervision, because of some violent scenes. But for those of you who don't really like serious anime, it'd be better not to watch this anime, which needs some moral explanation.

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