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Character Profile: Kino

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kino Kino Kino (Kino's Journey)
Traveller Tabi-Bito san
Human Human
Female Female
15 years old 15 years old
Brown Brown
Olive Olive
Type O Type O
Traveller Traveller
"Someone once told me that watching the birds... made them want to go on a Journey" "Someone once told me that watching the birds... made them want to go on a Journey"
Kelli Cousins Ai Maeda
Episode 1 Episode 1
Kino's Journey Kino no Tabi ~the Beautiful World~

Character Description: Kino

Kino is the protagonist in the story. She is described as being around 15 years old, with short brown hair, large eyes, and a fearless face. She usually wears a green jacket, brown overcoat, white shirt, goggled cap and wide belt with lots of pouches. In the winter she has special winter gear. She travels with the motorrad, Hermes.

Kino is an excellent marksman, and her speed and agility make her deadly with her "Persuaders" (guns). She carries two. One is a .44 Calibre Revolver that hangs on a holster from her belt; this persuader "Cannon" which takes 6 .44 calibre bullets and is drawn with her right hand. The other is a Handgun held in a clip in the of her back; this is the Hand Persuader "The Ranger (Mori no Hito/Forrest Person)" which takes special bullets and is drawn with her left hand. Kino also carries several knives hidden in various locations around her body. Usually, however, she tries not to get too involved in others' business.

It is confirmed that later in the story is Kino's name isn't really "Kino" at all yet her name is based on the name of a flower. She takes the name from a Traveler that came to the country in which she was born. Under severe circumstances the original Kino had died. Original Kino had sacrificed himself for her and then luckily She escaped the country with Original Kino's Motorrad (Hermes). She then decides to take Kino's name and then continued the journey for Original Kino. Later she encounters a markswoman when Kino was about to be attacked by a wolf and saved by the markswoman. This markswoman's name is unknown but she was to be called "Master" (or "Shishiou" in Japanese). Master then decides to take Kino in and train her to be an excellent Sharpshooter. Master then gives Kino her Persuader (Cannon). Kino then decides to go on a journey because of the memory of Original Kino thus leaving Master.

Kino Travels around the world visiting locations and bear witness to the whims of mankind and subtle circumstance. She stays in a "Country" (most of them look like towns) for three days (no more, no less).

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