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Anime Profile: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!Hoshi no Kabii (星のカービィ) ("Kirby of the Stars")Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
· · ·
Kirby of the Stars
52 TV episodes100 TV episodes
September 14, 2002Oct 6, 2001–Sept 27, 2003
4Kids EntertaimentWARPSTAR/A-UN Entertainment/TBS/HAL Laboratory/Nintendo
Masahiro Sakurai, Nintendo (based on the video game series)
Soji Yoshikawa
Adventure, Comedy, FantasyAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Kirby: Fright to the Finish - The Movie
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Characters: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
3 Color Fighters 3 Color Fighters Kung Fu Lee Kung Fu Lee
Acore Acore Lady Like Memu
Alien Alien Large Pole Old Man Large Pole Old Man
Amon Amon Lead Crow --?--
Anige Anige Lord James Coleet Sir Jim Korito
Backdrop Kirby Backdrop Kirby Lovely Lovely
Baton Kirby Baton Kirby Mabel Mabel
Belly Buster Belly Buster Maimaigoon Maimaigon
Benikage Benikage Masher Masher
Biggie --?-- Masher 2.0 Powered Masher
Blade Knight Blade Knight Master Green Master Green
Blocky Blocky Max Flexer Matchosan
Bomb Kirby Bomb Kirby Mayor Len Blustergas Mayor Ren Blustergas
Bonkers --?-- Melman Moso
Bony --?-- Meta Knight Sir Meta Knight
Book Book Mike Kirby Mike Kirby
Bouncy Tiff Bouncy Fumu Mini Galbo Mini Galbo
Boxer Tyson Boxer Tyson Mini-Monsters Mini-Monsters
Broom King Broom King Mirror Kirby Mirror Kirby
Bugzzy Bugzzy Mole Mole
Buttercup Buttercup Mosugaba Mosugaba
Captain Kick Captain Kick Mr. Chip Mr. Chip
Captain Stitch Captain Stitch Mr. P. Umpkin Mr. P. Umpkin
Chef Kawasaki Chef Kawasaki MT2 School Gang Leader
Chef Nagoya Chef Nagoya Mumbies Mumbies
Chief Bookem Chief Bookem Needle Kirby Needle Kirby
Chilly Chilly Nekketsu Nekketsu
Chuckie Chuckie Nelly Nelly
Cleaning_kirby Cleaning_kirby Nightmare Nightmare
Cobgoblin Cobgoblin Nightmare Battalion Nightmare Battalion
Cold Virus Cold Virus Ninja Kirby Ninja Kirby
Commander Vee Commander Vee Noddy Noddy
Con Con Noseman Noseman
Coo Coo Nruff Nruff
Cook Kirby Cook Kirby Octacon Octacon
Crab Crab Paint Kirby Paint Kirby
Crash Kirby Crash Kirby Paint Roller Paint Roller
Crowmon Crowmon Parasol Kirby Parasol Kirby
Curio Curio Pengy Pengi
Cutter Kirby Cutter Kirby Phanphan Phanphan
D-Rex D-Rex Photoron Photoron
Dark Matter Dark Matter Pon Pon
Dedede Doll Dedede Doll Popon Popon
Dedede Stone Dedede Stone Princess Raia Princess Raia
Delivery Man Delivery Man Princess Rona Princess Rona
Demon Frog Devil Frog Princess Rona's Dad Princess Rona's Dad
Denjaa Denjaa Pukey Flower Pukey Flower
Destrayer Destrayer Red Viper Akamamuji
Dinosaur Army Dinosaur Army Rick Rick
Dirk Dirk Rip Accelerator
Dis Walney Owalt Desney Robot Pet Robot Pet
Domestic Servant Robot Domestic Servant Robot Rocket Rider Rocket Rider
Doron Doron Rowlin Rowlin
Dr. Moreau Dr. Moreau Salesguy Customer Service
Dr. Yabui Dr. Yabui Samo Samo
Dynablade Dynablade Sasuke Sasuke
Dynablade's Chick Dynablade's Chick Scarfy Scarfy
Ebifuryaa Ebifuryaa Shadow Rider Devil Rider
Efreeti Efreeti Sharbon Sharbon
Erasem Erasem Shitake Shitake
Escardroid --?-- Sir Arthur Sir Arthur
Escargoon Dr. Eskargon Sir Dragato Sir Dragato
Escargoon's Mom Eskargon's Mom Sir Ebrum Parm
Escarsaurus Geskarsaurus Sir Falspar Sir Falspar
Falala Lalala Sir Gallant Kihaano
Fang Beat Sir Noisurato Sir Noisurato
Fighter Kirby Fighter Kirby Sirica Sirica
Fire Dedede Fire Dedede Sleepy --?--
Fire Kirby Fire Kirby Slice 'n Splice KittariHattari
Fire Kirbysaurus Fire Kirbysaurus Slicer Dicer Ryouriger Z
Fire Lion Fire Lion Smirk Bancho
Flame Feeder Flame Feeder Spark Kirby Spark Kirby
Floaty the Drifter Floaty the Drifter Spikehead Iroo
Fofa Lola Squishy Squishy
Fololo Lololo Star Rod Kirby Star Rod Kirby
Formula Rider Formula Rider Star Warrior Army Galaxy Fighter Team
Fridgy Fridgy Steppenwolf Steppenwolf
Fryclops Mou Takusan Stone Kirby Stone Kirby
Gabon Gabon Susshi Susshi
Galaxia Kirby Galaxia Kirby Sweet Stuff Sweet Stuff
Galbo Galbo Sword Kirby Sword Kirby
Garlude Gaaruto Sword Knight Sword Knight
Gengu Gengu Teacher Creature Kyoushi
Gerasu Gerasu Throw Kirby Throw Kirby
Ghost Ghost Tiff Fumu
Goan Goan Togeira Togeira
Gus Gus Top Kirby Top Kirby
Haboki Haboki Tornado Kirby Tornado Kirby
Hammer Kirby Hammer Kirby Tornadon Tornadon
Hana Hana Tourist Tourist
Hardy Hardy Trash Basher Duston
Heavy Anaconda Heavy Anaconda Tuff Bun
Heavy Lobster Heavy Lobster Tuggle Tago
Honey Honey Turbo Turbo
Ice Dragon Ice Dragon Twin Nuts Twin Nuts
Ice Dragon Robot Ice Dragon Robot Ultraviolet Ray Ultraviolet Ray
Ice Kirby Ice Kirby Umiushi Umiushi
Imomushi Imomushi Waddle Dee Waddle Dee
Iro Hotsuhe Waddle Doo Waddle Doo
Iron Kirby Iron Kirby Walky Walky
Jet Kirby Jet Kirby Water Kirby Water Kirby
Joe Joe Whale Child Whale Child
Kabu Kabu Whale Parent Whale Parent
Karate Kid Karate Kid Wheel Kirby Wheel Kirby
Kine Kine Wheelie Bike Wheelie
King Dedede Dedede Daio Whippy --?--
Kirby Kabii Whispy Woods Whispy Woods
Kirbysaurus Kirbysaurus Windwhipper Kazaguruu
Kirisakin Kirisakin Wing Kirby Wing Kirby
Kirk Yota Wing Rider Wing Rider
Kit Cosmos Dakoonyo Wolfwrath Chili Dog
Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe Yamikage Yamikage
Knuckle Joe's Dad Knuckle Joe's Dad Yankee Sekitori Yankee Sekitori
Kracko Kracko

Description: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Based on the popular series of Nintendo games, the little round and pink adventurer Kirby is finally starring in his own animated series.

As a Warpstar Knight in training, he crash lands on the world of Popstar and meets the residents of Cappy Town. As it turns out, the world of Popstar is threatened by Nightmare, a powerful demon that has a gigantic army of monsters, most of which are distributed by Nightmare Enterprises. Nightmare has destroyed many worlds, although they have been opposed by the Star Warriors.

It is rumored that a legendary hero will soon come to destroy Nightmare for good. And to the Cappy's surprise, it turns out to be Kirby. Kirby stays on Popstar and befriends the residents of Cappy Town. However, he is antagonized by King Dedede and his assistant Escargoon.

King Dedede tries to get rid of Kirby by ordering monsters from Nightmare Enterprises. However, none of them are any match for Kirby's inhaling powers, which can give him the ability/power of any enemy he sucks up. Will Kirby live up to his destiny and defeat Nightmare?

Note: In the English dubbed version, many episodes are aired out of order. The Japanese version is mostly episodic, except for a few story arcs. However, the Dub skips over a number of them, even to the point of using scenes from episodes later in the series in older ones, thus officially throwing the original continuity out of order.

Audio Files: Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

  • Kirby March - First Japanese Opening by Shanchii (2.78 MB)

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