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CrowmonCrowmonCrowmon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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Kurouemon (romanization)
Black feathersBlack feathers
Black, red (monster form)Black, red (monster form)
Leader of the Crow ArmyLeader of the Crow Army
"You will never get away!"
Ted LewisNobuo Tobita
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Crowmon

Crowmon is the leader of the crow army. He and his boys were hired by King Dedede to come eat the trash, and they were happy to do that for him. Seemed an awful lot like a perfect solution, didn't it?

And then, Crowmon and his boys moved on the Cappy Town to eat the food there until the Cappies threw rocks at all of them. Their attempts to steal more food from King Dedede were futile, too, because Dedede attacked them with missiles.

Later, Crowmon found a pile of strange capsules in the trash. He thought they were tasty and began to drink every single one unaware that these capsules were the formulas Escargoon created so Dedede could make his own monsters without having to pay N.M.E. a cent, and that was when he transformed into a giant mutant psycho!

Crowmon Monster Afterwards, Crowmon and his boys hypnotized all the birds in Dreamland except for Dynablade and her chick, and kidnapped the chick. Dynablade came to the rescue and learned from the crows that she was the reason why there wasn't enough food for the crows, and that Crowmon decided that he and his boys wanted to humble Dynablade in order to have enough food for all the rest of the birds again. Luckily, Kirby inhaled one of the crows' feathers and became Wing Kirby, and easily defeated Crowmon's boys and freed Dynablade's chick from Crowmon's grasp, and dodged the lasers shot by Crowmon and brought the chick back down for safety. Afterwards, Dynablade finished the job for Kirby by ramming Crowmon hard enough to change him back to normal.

After that, Crowmon apologized to Tiff and Tuff for what he and his boys had done, and they told him that they would help him get a better forest. While they did so, Dynablade happily watched Kirby and her chick frolic with a group of cute little baby crows.

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