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EscardroidEscardroid (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Robottic SnailRobottic Snail
Few Days (since it's activation)Few Days (since it's activation)
Tan (moustache and goatee)Tan (moustache and goatee)
Black (1st form), Visor-like (2nd form), Red (3rd form)Black (1st form), Visor-like (2nd form), Red (3rd form)
2'0"61 cm
Escargoon's replacement and Dedede's righthand robotEscargoon's replacement and Dedede's righthand robot
"Yes sire..."
Ted LewisNaoki Tatsuta
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Escardroid

Escar-droid was built by Escargoon because he was tired of King Dedede giving him a painful workload. He was a helpful, polite, and always agreeable robot who not only helped Dedede out in order to lessen Escargoon's workload, but also got wrecked many times. Finally, Escargoon bought a heart from Nightmare Enterprises that transformed Escar-droid into the galaxy's first robot with feelings.

After Escar-droid served the King some lunch rather quickly, Dedede pushed the green button, which turned Escar-droid into a sword-wielding knight version of himself with a visor. In his knight form, Escar-droid was so quick and powerful that he sliced the table in half in less than a few seconds!

Finally, King Dedede went too far when the Salesguy told him not to push the red button. When he pushed it, Escar-droid instantly transformed from a knight into a missile-firing jet! Afterwards, he blasted his way out of the castle and blasted at Cappy Town and even attacked Kirby! But don't worry, Tiff called the Warpstar, and after Kirby transformed into Bomb Kirby, the battle was over in less than a minute when he trapped Escar-droid right between his own missiles as well as Bomb Kirby's bombs, and Escar-droid exploded, leaving behind a scrap that Escargoon cried over and then fell asleep on.

Character Description: Escardroid

Escardroid was a hilarious robot copy of Escargoon. It looked exactly liked Escargoon kind of like Sonic and Metal Sonic, but Escardroid is not named Metal Escargoon. It was really built by Escargoon to do King Dedede's task but it turned into a monster and attacked Kirby in the end.

Escardroid can transform itself into two different monsters. The first transformation; it grew a sharper tail, enlarged it's arms, and armed itself with a sword. The second transformation; it grew even larger, turned it's shell into jet wings, armed itself with cannon blasters, and had jets for flying.

Escargoon was overworked doing King Dedede's orders such as dusting, back massaging, and mostly serving the king his tea. When he went to go replace Dedede's tea he tripped and the cup of hot tea fell onto his head and burnt him. Dedede hurried to Escargoon and smashed him with his mallet like he always does to him. That angered Escargoon so much and he decided to create a robot copy of himself, called Escardroid.

First time Dedede met Escardroid, he thought it was really Escargoon and then he realized that it was just a robot. Escargoon then told him that Escardroid would be at his command anytime. Dedede took this opportunity to have the robot karate-chop Escargoon. Then he commanded the robot to attack Kirby.

After failing to crush Kirby, it was taken back to the observatory to be repaired. With the help of Tiff, Escargoon rebuilt Escardroid and made it a little stronger. Dedede kept waring it out more and more and the robot was broken again. Escargoon wanted to rebuild it another time but he was too late when the morning sun came up and he got an idea. His idea was to put on the robot parts and pretend he was the robot and prove to Dedede that Escardroid's too tough to break. Dedede secretly found out it was really Escargoon and he played along with the gag. He told Escargoon to attack Kirby again but Escargoon ended up bruising himself.

Escargoon was more stressed out repairing the robot than he was working for King Dedede. Escargoon decided to talk to Nightmare Enterprises to give him a necessary robot part and that part gave Escardroid the kindness he needed and the toughness he needed to handle Dedede's jobs.

Dedede found this robot to finally be helpful but then he discovered that he can transform Escardroid and so he did. Once Escardroid hit it's second transformation, it attacked Kirby once again.

Kirby transformed into Bomb Kirby and sent Escardroid to the junkyard. Escargoon was heartbroken to see Escardroid go away and all that he left to remember him was Escardroid's goatee piece. It was like a son Escargoon never had.

But at least Escargoon got the rest he wanted at the end of the episode as he fell asleep in the grass and Kirby joined him.

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