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USA Info
Japanese Info
FangBeatFang (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Wheelie BikeWheelie
White, black, and green pupilsWhite, black, and green pupils
3'6"107 cm
200 lbs90.7 kg
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterHoly Nightmare Corporation Monster, and leader of a motorcycle gang
"Move aside, kiddy."
Eric Stuart
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Fang

Fang is the leader of a band of motorcycle-riding hooligans. He and his friends, Rip and Turbo, are always causing trouble for the people of Dreamland. Sure, he looks like a Cappy, as does his boys, but all three of these hooligans are actually monsters made by Nightmare Enterprises.

Fang wears a red sleeveless shirt and has purple hair. He has eyes that look like he didn't get a lot of sleep at all. He wears a black cape and spiked wristbands, plus he wears a spartan helmet. He has fangs in his mouth and rides a purple bike.

Gus used to be friends with Rip, Turbo, and Fang, but after Fang was bested by the legendary biker Steppenwolf, who also left Gus unharmed, Gus swore that he would never ride again. Then one night in a few years later, Fang, Rip, and Turbo roared into Cappy Town looking for the mysterious biker known as Steppenwolf. Dedede promised all three that they could stay in Cappy Town forever; but only if they dealt with Kirby first.

After Kirby blocked and kept both Rip and Turbo from seeing, causing them to crash, King Dedede decided to hold a race with a new rule: No Warpstars allowed! This race took place in the Dedede Speedway, a Dedede Arena packed with racers. (The previous Dedede Arena had Kirby battling as Fighter Kirby against Karate Kid, Boxer Tyson, Large Pole Old Man, Kung Fu Lee, and Yankee Sekitori.)

The contestants for the Dedede Speedway were Chief Bookem, Mayor Len Blustergas, Samo, Kirby, and Fang himself. Gus was also to be another contestant for the race, but Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dees took him to King Dedede's castle dungeon, so Gengu replaced Gus as that contestant until Tiff, Tuff, Meta Knight, and Melman rescued him. The race didn't go too well for Len, Bookem, and Samo, but after Gengu was knocked out of the race, Gus took his place and rode in to battle with Fang.

Later, Steppenwolf also rode into the Speedway and helped both Gus and Kirby to best Fang. Not long after, Fang transformed into a new form, Wheelie Bike.

Character Description: Fang

Fang is the gang leader of the Biker Gang. He tells his sidekicks, Rip and Turbo, what to do. Fang rides the purple bike. He was once a friend of Gus, the gas station keeper, and both were the baddest bikers ever. That's right. Gus used to belong to a motorcycle gang. But Gus and Fang only thought they were the baddest bikers ever until they came across Steppenwolf, the legendary biker.

Steppenwolf may be old but he's the greatest biker ever. Steppenwolf made Fang and Gus look like beginners. He outmatched Fang in a dragrace but left Gus alone. Gus dropped out of the motorcycle gang that very second.

Fang's still sturring up trouble (or in this case revving up). He found Turbo and Rip to add to his gang and they're all unstoppable. Fang came to Cappytown to search out Steppenwolf and to cause trouble in Cappytown.

Fang befriended King Dedede and Escargoon and hung around together. King Dedede asked Fang if he could get rid of Kirby. Fang wanted to first find Steppenwolf but then he'll take care of Kirby for the king. He later lost his boys, Turbo and Rip, and attended a race. If he won the race then he gets to stay in town forever.

Gus was a bit tied up at the moment to attend the race (literally tied up) but escaped just in time to get in the race. Fang and Gus challenged each other on the track but were interrupted by the legendary biker, Steppenwolf, himself.

Steppenwolf stopped Fang and caused him to wreck the bike. Steppenwolf then left the racing stadium.

Dedede was disappointed and commanded Fang to show what he was truly made of.

Fang transformed from a guy on a bike into just a bike. He turned into a Wheelie Bike monster and attacked Kirby. But thanks to Wheel Kirby, Fang was defeated and Cappytown was in peace once more.

By the way, the Wheelie Bike that Fang transformed into is an enemy and an ally on the game Kirby Superstar (for the Super Nintendo). It's also a racing machine in Kirby Air Ride (for the Nintendo Gamecube).

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