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Monsieur GoanMonsieur GoanMonsieur Goan (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Yellow (moustache and eyebrows)Yellow (moustache and eyebrows)
Unknown (always hidden under those shades)Unknown (always hidden under those shades)
Nightmare Enterprises monsterHoly Nightmare Corporation monster
Frank FranksonIsshin Chiba
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Monsieur Goan

Monsieur Goan looks like a potato with a chef's outfit, a moustache, eyebrows, and shades, but the food he makes is so good and affordable that people will seem to take a liking to him, which is most probably why he's a top-class chef. He knows every trick in the cookbook, and when he gets fired up he sprouts four arms (each with a cooking utensil in it), and gets taller. While in this mode, Monsieur Goan is capable of grabbing his opponents and placing them in his freezing round sphere-like bowl in which they can freeze into sorbet if they stay there long enough. He was bought online from N.M.E. by King Dedede because he didn't like the quality of the food served by Chef Kawasaki. Eventually, Dedede, Escargoon, and Goan started their own restaurant and named it Restaurant Goan.

Chef Kawasaki got Kirby to eat his frying pan in which he turned into Cook Kirby and fought against Monsieur Goan using his frying pan to block his attacks for a while. However, Kirby got his ability knocked out of him and was then placed in Goan's freezing bowl. Thankfully, Kawasaki helped Kirby by tossing the Spicy Food (Kirby fans should recognize it from Kirby's Dreamland if they've ever played it) to him in which he ate it and was thrown out of the freezing bowl and fried Goan with a few fiery breaths from the food. Afterwards, an explosion sent Goan flying off the top of his restaurant after which it finally burned down and into ashes. The only thing left of the restaurant was its logo.

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