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Heavy AnacondaHeavy AnacondaHeavy Anaconda (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Pale Yellow with White PupilsPale Yellow with White Pupils
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterNightmare Enterprises Monster
Eric Stuart
Episode 97Episode 95
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Heavy Anaconda

Heavy Anaconda is a huge brown anaconda with a yellow belly and yellow circles. He is capable of using the traditional snake ability to swallow enemies whole. He is the natural enemy of all Demon Frogs.

Heavy Anaconda was downloaded to the castle to help Dedede get rid of Kirby. According to the Salesguy, he was supposed to put the squeeze on Kirby while he was posessed by the Demon Frog he found in a pond near his house. But, he showed up too late to do so as Kirby was already free from the frog's posession.

Dedede, who had been posessed by that same Demon Frog, which he took off of the top of Kirby's head with some tape and placed on the back of his own head, had laid most of the smackdown on Kirby and was about to finish him off with his hammer when the anaconda showed up in front of him, causing the frog to disappear from within him. He swallowed Dedede whole, then proceeded to chase after Kirby and company.

Tiff called the Warpstar, which smacked the anaconda from the front, and Kirby got on it. Then Meta Knight, having other ideas, gave Tiff a torch to throw to Kirby, who inhaled it to become Fire Kirby. Afterwards, Kirby tricked the anaconda into wrapping his own coils around one of the castle's towers until he was stuck and unable to move.

Then Kirby took this opportunity to pummel the monster with a Burning Attack, followed by a Fireball Spin, which lit him on fire and caused him to fall to the ground while burning Dedede in the process. His body turned completely black from Fire Kirby's fire, signifying that he was defeated. With Heavy Anaconda defeated, it would only be a matter of time before Kirby, his friends', and the Cappies' final battle with N.M.E. and his armies and fleets of Destrayers, Air Riders, and his Heavy Lobster monster.

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