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Heavy LobsterHeavy LobsterHeavy Lobster (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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Hevii Robusutaa (romanization)
Monster, RobotMonster, Robot
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterHoly Nightmare Corporation Monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby
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Kirby: Fright to the Finish - The MovieHoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Heavy Lobster

Heavy Lobster is a giant metal lobster who attacks his enemies by firing lasers from his claws. He is mechanical and has armor so thick it easily helps to protect him from damage. Luckily, he can't stand the cold.

He makes his appearance during our heroes' final battle with Nightmare Enterprises itself. N.M.E. sent a capsule to help Dedede wreck Battleship Halbird. His metal hide protected him from damage by Sword Knight's bazooka blasts and Cook Kirby's attacks, and he even knocked the Cook ability out of Kirby. Luckily, however, Chef Kawasaki decided that if Kirby couldn't cook him, he could give him the cold shoulder instead, so he threw some ice cubes to Kirby, which he inhaled and transformed into Ice Kirby. After Kirby froze the lobster with his cold breath, Sword Knight finished him with a simple blast from his bazooka.

Character Description: Heavy Lobster

Heavy Lobster is one of eNeMeE's most powerful monsters. Matter of fact, it was the final monster eNeMeE sent on Kirby.

It's a mechanical robotic lobster constructed to destroy. It's armed with powerful cannons that it can shoot from it's claws or pincers or whatever they are called.

Heavy Lobster made it's appearance in Kirby's first movie, Kirby Fright to the Finish. eNeMeE sent the monster, sealed in a space capsule, towards Meta Knight's battleship, the Halberd.

Kit Cosmos was training Mabel, Chief Bookum, and Mayor Blustergast and that's when Heavy Lobster struck. It attacked the three cappies and Kit Cosmos reported the sight of the monster. Meta Knight sent two teams to stop it, one consisting of Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff, and another consisting of Sword Knight and Blade Knight who were armed with a bazooka.

Chef Kawasaki showed up and tosses Kirby his frying pan and Kirby transformed into Cook Kirby. But Meta Knight told them the monster is mechanical and Cook Kirby cannot defeat it. He was right. the gang made a run for it after Cook Kirby failed to destroy Heavy Lobster.

It also showed up at King Dedede and Escargoon's jail cell and blasted them out. But Dedede didn't want anymore monsters from Nightmare Enterprises and the Heavy Lobster turned against him and started attacking the king and his servant snail.

Later, they entered the room of the Halberd's main engine and it would look like nothing could stand in Heavy Lobster's way. But Kawasaki showed up again and threw Kirby a couple of ice cubes and he transformed into Ice Kirby.

Ice Kirby froze the monster and Sword Knight finished it off by blasting it to pieces with the bazooka.

Heavy Lobster is also an enemy in the SNES game Kirby Superstar and made it's appearance in Revenge of Meta Knight. The Halberd made it's appearance in that game too.

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