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KirbysaurusKirbysaurusKirbysaurus (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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Kabiisaurusuu (romanization)
Dinosaur MonsterDinosaur Monster
Dr. Moreau's Dinosaur Equivalent of KirbyDr. Moreau's Dinosaur Equivalent of Kirby
Makiko Ohmoto
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Kirbysaurus

Kirbysaurus is similar in looks to Kirby except that he has a tail and brown claws as well as brown spikes. Plus, he has fangs in his mouth and his eyes are shaped differently than Kirby's. He can also use all the same abilities Kirby can, only he is addressed to obey Dr. Moreau's commands. He is the strongest monster made by the bad doctor, considering he's the ultimate dinosaur.

He was created from Kirby's DNA along with other dinosaur monsters by Dr. Moreau, and in the end, stripped of his skin by Crash Kirby along with the other dinosaur monsters.

Character Description: Kirbysaurus

Kirbysaurus is a monster created by Dedede, Escargoon, and Dr. Moreau. He was created by getting a baby dinosaur egg and getting a small DNA sample from Kirby then splicing them to change the baby dinosaur into a baby Kirbysaurus.

Kirbysaurus can be very destructive and fearsome. But Kirby wasn't the only one who got a sample of his DNA taken. The scientist, Dr. Moreau, took DNA samples from others such as Chief Bookem, Mayor Blustergas, Mabel, Samo, Chef Kawasaki, Tiff, Tuff, and even from Escargoon and King Dedede. King Dedede's dinosaur was the first to appear and since Dedede's a king he gets to be the king of dinosaurs, the T-Rex, but instead of being a Tyrannosaurs Rex he was a De-Rex. Escargoon was a cross between himself an a Stegosaurus and he was an Escarsaurous. Mabel and Samo were Mabelsauros and Samosauros. Chief Bookem was a cross between a Brontosaurus and himself and he was a Bookemsauros (or Brontobookem). Chef Kawasaki was a Kawasakisauros. Tiff was a Tiffasaurous and Tuff was a Tuffedactyl.

The doctor gained Kirby's DNA and created his ultimate dinosaur, Kirbysaurus. Kirbysaurus had all of Kirby's powers, Kirby's strong points, Kirby's weak points, and even Kirby's I.Q. Kirbysaurus inhaled a torch and became Fire Kirbysaurus and before Dedede could feed it a nuclear bomb, Kirby intercepted it and swallowed it instead. Kirby then transformed into the rarest Kirby form ever, Crash Kirby. This was really Crash Kirby's first appearance. Crash Kirby eliminated Kirbysaurus and all the other dinosaurs and left the skeletons on display. Dinosaurs were extinct once more.

Dedede saw all the dino bones and said the following conversation ensued:

Dedede: "Look at all them ancient skele-stones!" Escargoon: "Those bones aren't ancient.", said Dedede: "Who cares about that? I'm gonna charge to see them and make a heap of money!" Escargoon: "Who cares about dusty old dino bones anyway?!" Dedede: "You got dust in your brain!" Escargoon: "At least I got a brain!" Dedede: "Take that back!" Escargoon: "I ain't taking nothing back!"

And they argued happily ever after.

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