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Japanese Info
Lead Crow
Black feathersBlack feathers
White,black pupilsWhite,black pupils
1'0"30 cm
Leader of the Crow FlockLeader of the Crow Flock
"The ruler of this madness has promised to feed our flock if we say here!"
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Lead Crow

The lead crow is the crow that wears the pants in the whole flock. He's different from the rest of them because he has a mark on his left eye. He tells the other crows what to do and they do it. He's the only crow that can speak.

The Lead Crow and his friends lived in a peaceful forest, but it was destroyed and they all blamed Dynablade and Dynachick for that disaster. They left the destroyed forest in search of food. King Dedede was polluting Dreamland's water supply with his nasty garbage and he had to get creative so he summoned the Crow Flock to stay at the castle and eat up all the garbage so they wouldn't go hungry. The trash was gone but they were still hungry. Dedede decided to send them to Cappytown and the Cappy citizens didn't want them to stay there so they threw rocks at them to get them to leave.

Later, the Crow Flock had only a small amount of food that had to be divided up amongst them all. The Lead Crow found a strange drink in Dedede's part of the food and chugged it down. Once he drank it all to the last drop he transformed into a monster and took control of all the birds in Dreamland, and made them act like they were crows too. Even Tokkori and Coo were put under the Lead Crow's power.

While he was a monster, he wanted to get back at Dynablade by kidnapping Dynachick and holding it hostage. But Kirby helped Dynablade by turning into Wing Kirby and defeated the Lead Crow.

When the Lead Crow was finally defeated, he turned back to normal and all the birds returned to their normal lives.

But Tiff and Tuff still felt bad for the crows and decided to help restore the forest from where they came. The Lead Crow gave thanks and he and his friends would soon return home with full bellies.

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