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Japanese Info
Masher 2.0Powered MasherMasher 2.0 (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Monster, UpgradeMonster, Upgrade
Pretty big!Pretty big!
He's a real heavyweight!He's a real heavyweight!
Masher's upgradeMasher's upgrade
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Masher 2.0

Nightmare was recently tired of Knuckle Joe hunting down all his monsters, so he decided to upgrade his strongest monster, Masher, into a bigger, badder, and nastier form called Masher 2.0. Masher 2.0 is very much all the same as his previous form, except now he can also use the wings placed on his back to fly, and the rocket packs attached to his wings are very similar to the jet shoes he used to try in the way that they can enable him to float higher, too. Masher can also now fire huge and powerful laser beams from the orb on his chest. Not only that, Masher was also made to look more evil and he has more power than ever, making him one of Kirby's most dangerous foes ever.

Masher 2.0 badly wounded Knuckle Joe before he returned to Dreamland. Thankfully, the monster hunter was healed by Tiff and then told her and Kirby everything about Masher and also said to them that now Masher is out for revenge. So Joe left to fight Masher on his own, but didn't fare too well against him until Meta Knight, Kirby, and their friends arrived. While Kirby used the Warpstar to battle Masher, Knuckle Joe discovered the secret within his father's locket as well as the fighting power he needed to defeat Masher for the second time. With Kirby standing together with him and helping him, Knuckle Joe was finally able to defeat Masher for the second time, and this time hopefully once and for all.

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