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Mr. ChipMr. ChipMr. Chip (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Teacher ChipTeacher Chip
Dark redDark red
"What Dedede could use is a bit of encouragement."
Mike PollockShigeru Nakahara
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Mr. Chip

When Mr. Chip was a younger lad, he had a hard time finding a teaching job, so, similar to Biggie, Bony, and Sleepy, who appear later in the episode "Tooned Out", also known in Japan as "Geek Anime! Hoshi no Tiff", he signed a contract written by Nightmare. That doesn't mean he's all that bad; he's a nice guy who shows a true passion of teaching.

Later after he signed a contract written by Nightmare, Mr. Chip showed up in Cappy Town and taught everybody at the Dedede Academy School. In fact, he was so nice, that everybody except for King Dedede and Escargoon, loved him. He was a smart Cappy who was smarter than even Tiff! Tiff was especially fond of him, too.

Later the next day, King Dedede finally pointed out in front of the whole classroom that Mr. Chip was in contract with Nightmare! And that's when Dedede pulled off his latest surprise: the monster teacher Nekketsu! And poor Mr. Chip was no match for this evil new substitute teacher. Thankfully, however, Sword Kirby beat that mean teacher afterwards, and the Dedede Academy School exploded for the third time. Afterwards, Mr. Chip was happy and bidded farewell to everyone, especially Tiff, who had tears of joy in her eyes, and left Cappy Town.

Character Description: Mr. Chip

Mr. Chip grew up in a village not far from Cappy Town. He left his home to become what he always wanted to be, a school teacher. He loves to teach children who are willing to learn. He cares a lot about knowledge and he's completely gentle and caring. He's like the opposite of King Dedede.

Speaking of Dedede, Dedede wished to go back to school to outsmart Kirby. This was the third time he built the Dedede Academy School. But he and Escargoon weren't going to run the school. Instead, they had Curio as the principal and the Mayor as the vide principal and Dedede and Escargoon became students themselves.

Mr. Chip arrived at the school and wanted to teach the children. The students were trilled to have a teacher like Mr. Chip. Dedede was a bit slow in his lessons. He would usually take things as fun stuff. He would pick on other students, pick on Mr. Chip, cause disruptions, insult Kirby, and stir up a lot of trouble. After Mr. Chip gave the students all a test, Dedede was disappointed with his grade and decided to drop out because he knew he would just keep failing. He called Nightmare Enterprises and the Sales Guy told them about Mr. Chip. The NME Sales Guy said that Mr. Chip was hired by Nightmare Enterprises (but Chip's not a monster) and told Chip to attack Kirby to convince he was a real monster.

It turned out Mr. Chip was like Dedede said, "No teacher but a preacher!" Mr. Chip couldn't find a teaching job anywhere and so Nightmare Enterprises sent him to Cappy Town to do what he was hired for.

But Chip had a heart of gold and didn't want to hurt the other students or Kirby. Dedede ordered up a substitute teacher from eNeMeE and commanded it to take Mr. Chip's place.

Sword Kirby managed to stop the Samurai Substitute Teacher and Mr. Chip decided to leave Cappy Town to look for a teaching job somewhere else.

Mr. Chip would never be forgotten by the citizens, especially Tiff.

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