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MumbiesMumbiesMumbies (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
0'8"20 cm
Nightmare Enterprises Star Warrior Hunting MonsterHoly Nightmare Corporation Star Warrior Hunting Monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Mumbies

Mumbies is similar to a mummy monster. It was probably created by eNeMeE (Nightmare). It's born to hunt down Star Warriors and destroy them either by eating them or blasting them.

Mumbies can be pretty sneaky and full of surprises. It's able to exhale toxic gases from its mouth. It is able to sense Star Warriors. And if you happen to look into it's glowing eyes, you'll grow tired.

One Mumbies was hiding in Dreamland and discovered by Professor Curio. It was awakened and went to find Star Warriors. It's first victim was Kirby. Every night, Mumbies would chase Kirby around Dreamland until the sun came up. That's when it retreats back to it's hiding spot.

Luckily, Bomb Kirby was able to destroy it by capturing it and allowing the sun to burn it to a crisp.

There are more than one Mumbies spread throughout the universe and Kirby stopped one of them and got it out of the way. But who knows what the next assault will be from Mumbies.

Character Description: Mumbies

Mumbies is by far one of N.M.E.'s most dangerous monsters! There are a lot of them, and all of them are hidden in jars buried underground in each planet by Nightmare so they could track down and attack Star Warriors. They attack with black lightning as well as their jaws. They also have the ability to hypnotize their enemies and will put them to sleep if they stare at them for too long.

King Dedede tricked Professor Curio into digging up a jar containing one of the Mumbies monsters, who attacked Kirby in two nights. According to a book found in Curio's house, whoever found Mumbies would become rich. Unfortunately, though, Dedede secretly wrote the book to fool the Cappies.

While being attacked on the second night, Kirby inhaled Mumbies twice only to not get an ability each time. Thankfully, however, Dedede dumbly threw a bomb wrapped up like Mumbies at Kirby, who inhaled it and became Bomb Kirby. Tiff called the Warpstar, and after bombarding Mumbies with a barrage of bombs for a while, Kirby tricked Mumbies into clamping on to him and held on to him tight as the sun came out, and that was when Mumbies finally faded out of view. We may expect to see Kirby fight some more Mumbies in the future.

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