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Chef NagoyaChef NagoyaChef Nagoya (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Cook NagoyaCook Nagoya
Black (often closed most of the time)Black (often closed most of the time)
Chef, Kawasaki's best friend & rivalChef, Kawasaki's best friend & rival
Adam BlausteinTsuboinorio
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Chef Nagoya

Chef Nagoya is Chef Kawasaki's best friend who went to cooking school with him, and also at the same time his #1 rival because Nagoya didn't have a chance to open up his own restaurant before Kawasaki did. The food Nagoya cooks is similar in quality to that of N.M.E. Monster Monsieur Goan... it tastes hands-down delicious!

Just a few years after Kawasaki opened up his restaurant, Nagoya came to visit him. At first, the rest of the Cappies thought he was a health inspector, but soon when Kawasaki introduced him to them, he told them that Nagoya was a chef, and that Kawasaki wouldn't be a chef if it wasn't for Nagoya. Later, Nagoya found out that Kawasaki was only capable of cooking awful food, so he blamed Kawasaki until Dedede stepped in and decided to hold a chef showdown where the winner would be able to keep the restaurant.

Kawasaki risked losing his restaurant when Escargoon cheated and sabotaged Kawasaki's cooking with spice so hot that the food burned the mouths of their eaters. Nagoya was, of course, declared the winner, but not after he told Kawasaki that he shouldn't give up his reputation as a chef and showed a video of Escargoon sabotaging Kawasaki's food with the spice. Then, Nagoya cooked his own fried shrimp while secretly putting some spice on it, which he called Shrimp Nagoya, and fed it to Dedede. The shrimp was so hot that it burned Dedede's mouth.

Finally, not long after Dedede's mouth was burned, Shrimp Nagoya transformed into an N.M.E. Monster. That monster was Ebifuryaa! But don't worry, Ebifuryaa was quickly defeated by Cook Kirby in less than a minute. Afterwards, Nagoya bade farewell to Kirby, his friends, and Kawasaki, and left Cappy Town.

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