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Japanese Info
eNeMeNightMareeNeMe (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)eNeMe (Kirby: Right Back at Ya!)
N.M.E.Nitomaro (romanization)
Dark void (he's made of everyone's nightmares)Dark void (he's made of everyone's nightmares)
Very oldVery old
Blood redBlood red
Really bigReally big
Leader of Nightmare EnterprisesLeader of Holy Nightmare Corporation
Kirby: Right Back at Ya!Hoshi no Kirby
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Kirby: Fright to the Finish

Character Description: eNeMe

Nightmare, an evil being bent on controlling the universe, is a mysterious being who is responsible for the creation of the company, namely Nightmare Enterprises. He is also one of the Nightmares, evil creatures that try to cause pain to the people of the Solar System.

Also known as N.M.E., Nightmare resides in a giant purple spaceship where his company is located. He creates monsters and delivers them to customers like Dedede, who do not know their true purpose. But N.M.E. made one grave mistake; One of his creatures will not obey, and N.M.E. fears it would destroy all of Nightmare Enterprises. Everyone thought the creature was Kirby (though it would more likely be Meta Knight).

Nightmare has the very best connections to the evil Dark Matter, another evil being who also wishes to turn Dreamland into a dark world.

In episode 96 (episode 94 of the Japanese version), we learn that some of the monsters N.M.E. creates go to the Nightmare Enterprises Monster Training School (Demon Beast Training School in the Japanese version) to learn how to be mean and scary. They are split up into four different classes, the flower class, star class, moon class, and snow class, and compete against each other to see who is the best. The one who proves himself/herself the best becomes selected as a new combatant for N.M.E.'s army. The school is led by the monster Whippy as well as an assortment of other evil clown-like creatures.

Character Description: eNeMe

Nightmare is the one who created Kirby (he might have made the Star Warriors too). Nightmare plays roles as the leader and the sales guy that Dedede always talks to. Nightmare in the Japanese series tries to convince Dedede to order monsters but in the American version Dedede just orders right away (Nightmare must really want to get rid of Kirby or he just wants to rob Dedede). In the video games, Nightmare just wants the star rod but in the series he wants the universe. Meta Knight knows Nightmare as if he created Meta Knight, hmmmmm.

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