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OctaconOctaconOctacon (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
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Okutaakon (romanization)
HUGE! (But not as big as Nightmare)HUGE! (But not as big as Nightmare)
Nightmare Enterprises MonsterNightmare Enterprises Monster
Kirby: Right Back At Ya!Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Octacon

Octacon was Kirby's very first monster foe who simply invaded Cappy Town by eating up all the sheep. He was cleverly disguised as an innocent pet octopus until Kirby bested Dedede for the first time by leading him right into a pillar, since he was controlling Dedede. Soon Octacon showed his true form and began to destroy the castle, but Kirby saved the day by becoming Fire Kirby and blowing the monster off the castle.

Octacon looks like a giant octopus who is capable of breathing fire, and is also able to launch smaller versions of himself from his tentacles. He enjoys nothing more than eating up all the sheep he can find. He made his appearance in Episode 1, "Appear! The Pink Visitor", also known in America as "Kirby Comes to Cappy Town".

Character Description: Octacon

Octacon is known as King Dedede's pet octopus, whom he got from Nightmare Enterprises. Octacon started out as a harmless, adorable, bone-eating, octopus. But that all changed when Kirby came to Dreamland.

Some people may recall when Kirby was traveling through space and awoke in his starship to find himself warp speeding toward Dreamland. But he was in for a rude awaking when he found himself battling against his first monster, a giant octopus with a big appetite for Mayor Blustergast's sheep.

While Octacon was enjoying his lamb chops, Kirby arrived at the scene and battled against his first monster. Kirby beat that big sucker using his ability to copy others. He became Fire Kirby and blew Octacon away!

After this battle between an overgrown fire breathing sea creature, Kirby decided to stay in Dreamland and protect the citizens from anymore of King Dedede's monsters.

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