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Character Profile: Phanphan

USA Info
Japanese Info
Phanphan Phanphan Phanphan (Kirby: Right Back At Ya!)
Elephant Elephant
Male Male
Black Black
Black Black
Escaped Nightmare Enterprises Monster Escaped Nightmare Enterprises Monster
Lisa Oritz  
Episode 96 Episode 94- Escaped Demon Beast Phanphan
Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Hoshi no Kirby

Character Description: Phanphan

Phanphan escaped from Nightmare Enterprises and came rampaging into Dreamland, scaring the Cappies. Interestingly, Phanphan was more scared of everybody than they were of him. King Dedede came to put the smackdown on Phanphan, but Kirby protected him by inhaling the King's hammer and spitting it back at him.

The next day, Phanphan was still scared, but Kirby showed his kindness to him by feeding him with apples, though Phanphan saved the last apple for him. He was next seen playing with Kirby and his friends at the pond, when King Dedede showed up with Whippy, his latest monster. Whippy managed to brainwash Phanphan into doing his bidding, but Kirby later defeated Whippy as Throw Kirby, and Phanphan wasn't evil anymore.

After it got its revenge on Dedede and Escargoon by shooting a spiked ball at them, everyone in Cappy Town decided to let Phanphan live in Cappy Town from now on. Phanphan attacks his opponent with an endless supply of spiked balls from his trunk and currently lives in the forest of Whispy Woods.

Phanphan is a mini-boss in Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. He has a relative, named Heat Phanphan, who is a minor enemy in both Kirby Air Ride and the upcoming Kirby GCN/Wii game.

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